TToT – Best Day Ever and Bedtime

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a TToT quite this late in the weekend.

I’ve been doing all the things this week and through the weekend and like this awesome camouflaged Rotten Cat, I’m pretty tired. I need to wrap it up and get some sleep.


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This Summer…

This summer is going to be different…

This summer I will spend some time on a bit of the usual. I will clean out closets, scrub under the stove burners and above the kitchen cabinets, and think about having a garage sale.

But this summer will also be different…

I will do those usual things, but I will also spend more time reading the books I have piled high for so long. I will make time for what is important to me. I will listen to music and look at art and learn something new.

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TToT – Words

Words hold great power.

Words can heal or harm, praise or cut down, build or destroy. Words can bring great change. They can bring us to tears or laughter and help us express our thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, and desires.

I am thankful for the abundance of words flowing plentiful in our lives this week…

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TToT – The One With All The Excitement

This has been an exciting week.

And it’s not over yet, so I’m squeezing this in to make sure I make it to the TToT party before I’m off again. This one’s moving fast, friends, so hang on…

Beatles Blog Tour Image 2

My first-ever guest post over at Pat DiCesare’s blog went so well. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate and thankful for all of you who clicked over to read and comment. If you haven’t been there yet, please visit and take a look.

What’s next?

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Pardon Me, My 70s Are Showing

Anybody remember this song?

Actually, you’ll probably remember the Coca-Cola commercial version better. It was a great commercial. But whichever version you recall, this is a pretty nice sentiment, if you think about it. A pretty darn nice sentiment.


But what if that sentiment became action? What would happen?

On February 20, 2015, United Nations World Day of Social Justice, one thousand bloggers will join their voices to speak through their blogs about compassion. I will be one of them.

Will you?

Will you be one of the more than 1,000 bloggers who will raise their voices together to teach the world about compassion?

Join us. Visit the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion Facebook page. Sign up to add your blog post to the effort. Ask to join the Facebook group. Use the hashtag #1000Speak to promote this event. And if you don’t have a blog or aren’t on Facebook or social media? We’ve got you covered. Visit the #1000Speak for Compassion site at and let your voice be heard, too.

Help us teach the world to sing.


1000 Voices


TToT – Enjoying Life!

We have been busy here, friends!

I have to tell you this. I can’t remember quite enjoying the time leading up to the holidays as much as I am this year. It’s different. I could ramble on here for a few paragraphs about all the specifics of why, but I’m not going to. Let me just sum it up by saying that what I’ve spent my life doing for the last many years was preventing me from actually living my life.


I love this new life. I love having the ability to be available for my Daughter and my Husband – and for myself, actually – in a way I just haven’t been able to for a very long time. I love that I can make my own hours. I love that every aspect of my health has improved dramatically since making this change. There is no question that freeing myself of the negativity of the last several years was the right choice. Continue reading “TToT – Enjoying Life!”

TToT – We Are Christmas-a-fied!

Well, at least I am. And Kidzilla definitely is!

Hard to say how the Hub feels about the whole thing, given that he’s Jewish and all, but he certainly has done his fair share of tree-trimming with us and shelf elf duty and OUTDOOR LIGHT HANGING.

We have been quite busy Christmas-ing this week and getting Christmas-a-fied. Yes, that’s a thing, trust me. And because we’ve been so busy doing all the things, I suggested to Lizzi that surely the BoSR/SBoR includes a provision that says if you have so much good to be about doing on a weekend then you just have to live life and not write the post. Right? (I’m pretty sure those were actually my exact words, too.) Lizzi said perhaps, but reminded me that there is supposed to be dancing involved when petitioning the Guard Virgins.

I’m way too tired to dance for anyone after the busy few days we’ve had, so here comes my post…

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TToT – Decking the Halls

Want to know what I really hate?

I hate how crowded the house feels when it’s decorated for the holidays.

I know, bah humbug. But it really always does and that makes me feel like the holidays are somehow…oppressive, no matter how enjoyable. But not this time!

With the new hardwood floors in place this year, the house feels less cramped overall (who knew carpet was so much of a space hog) and the house feels pretty open so far. I’m very happy about that. We are trying a new location for the tree this year, too, so we’ll see how that works.


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TToT – Lazy and Late

I am late to the party this week.

We’ve had a very lazy weekend and I kinda want to get back to that since the next few will keep us hopping! But I’m going to get this in under the wire, thanks to Dyanne for giving me a little poke.


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A Favorite Song from the ’70s – I Had No Idea

I couldn’t pass up this week’s Writer’s Workshop at Mama Kat’s. The prompt made me laugh too hard.

A song I loved as a kid but when I hear the lyrics now…

Hmm, yes, well, this particular favorite was just completely inappropriate.

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