I’m definitely still in recovery mode here. A little background: Zilla, the Hub, and I all went down hard with the dreaded flu the Friday before Valentine’s Day. (Yes, the actual flu.) (Yes, I had a flu shot. We all had flu shots.) Both of them are back up and running and have been for quite some…Continue Reading “TToT – You Have GOT to be Kidding Me.”

This is going to be tremendously short. First, let me say that I most definitely do not enjoy writing my TToT posts on Sunday evenings. If I’m here on a Sunday evening with fingers to keys, it means either A) I had a hard time figuring out what to put on my list, B) I…Continue Reading “In Which I Tell You I’m About to Disappear – #10Thankful”

I still have a cold.

I think this must be the cold from hell, brought on by the unbelievably inconsistent weather here – unseasonably mild, then sub-zero wind chills, then up into the 30s, then down to the teens, then up to nearly 60 degrees, then a plummet to the 20s. No wonder my head is a mess.


I’ve done all the home remedies – sick tea, my new favorite sick soup. Nothing is working so far – unless it’s all keeping it from getting worse, which I suppose can be Thankful #1 this week. How’s that for a silver lining?

Spring can come any time.

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Oh, hey…it’s Sunday afternoon already and I still haven’t managed to get my TToT post done.

This was our first five day week since school started and yes that extra day does make a difference. We’re definitely settling into the school year routine, though, and that’s a pretty good thing.

But let’s get this list of thankfuls moving along, shall we?

Let’s start with being thankful for an absolutely gorgeous – and NOT stinking hot – almost early fall day. Yay. No photos today, but here’s a shot of our very first glimpse of fall from a couple of weeks ago at the mountain…


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This has been a crazy week.

And this TToT is going to be the fastest, shortest, latest, and most dependent upon the graces of the SGV that I’ve ever posted.

Zilla had a full week of activities, which means that I did as well. Here’s what life looked like… (hold onto your hats because it’s a pretty wild ride)

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Since I started my blog, the Hub has been telling me to write posts about how awesome he is. Every now and then he gives me that look…the “this is going on the blog, isn’t it?” look. He knows. The stream of blog fodder he provides is awesome. And so today the Hub gets his…Continue Reading “FTSF – About Marriage, Husbands, And Chores That Suck”

This has been an exciting week.

And it’s not over yet, so I’m squeezing this in to make sure I make it to the TToT party before I’m off again. This one’s moving fast, friends, so hang on…

Beatles Blog Tour Image 2

My first-ever guest post over at Pat DiCesare’s blog went so well. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate and thankful for all of you who clicked over to read and comment. If you haven’t been there yet, please visit and take a look.

What’s next?

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I am losing my patience with winter.

I know, I know. Everyone is tired of it and everyone is cold and nobody wants to hear anyone else complain anymore. I agree. We are house-bound today due to both weather and illness, so I turned to my good friend Thoreau for some help.


Because if I watch one more Disney, Jr. show with my Daughter I’m going to lose my mind.

I grabbed my love-worn copy of Walden, a woolen shawl, and a hot cup of coffee. Knowing he will always tend toward an admiration of the beauty of nature, I prepared to see what Henry David had to say about winter. A lot – four chapters, to be precise. In my copy, that’s about 60 pages. I didn’t care to read 60 pages of it when the last 60 days have been more than enough. A couple of things caught my attention…

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When the timing is right to jump into something, you know.

Sometimes you just need the right combination of factors to fall into place together to make you say, “OK, it’s time to try this.” I have been reading posts here and there that link up to Finish the Sentence Friday, currently hosted at my friend Kristi’s blog.

I thought it might be a cool thing to do on several occasions, but…I didn’t. But when I read some of the posts from this week’s and saw the topic, I knew I had a trick up my sleeve that would be perfect.

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