TToT – You Have GOT to be Kidding Me.

I’m definitely still in recovery mode here.

A little background: Zilla, the Hub, and I all went down hard with the dreaded flu the Friday before Valentine’s Day. (Yes, the actual flu.) (Yes, I had a flu shot. We all had flu shots.) Both of them are back up and running and have been for quite some time. The Hub with his Immune System of Steel was ready to go back to work by Monday already but I nagged persuaded him to stay out one more day until he was a full 24 hours past the fever. Zilla was feeling human again by Thursday of that week and returned to school that Friday. Then we had a nice long weekend during which everyone should have been able to drink tea and rest some more, catch up on work, and get back to regular life.

Not so much the case for me. My flu, naturally, morphed into bronchitis. (Everything I get morphs into bronchitis. If you know me even a little bit, you know this is true.) Then I lost my voice because of all the coughing and wheezing and bronchitis-ing. I am certain my Husband enjoyed this phase, although he insists he loves hearing the sound of my voice. (If I were my husband I’d be mildly grateful for the silence, but OK, Hon, whatever you say.) Anyway, I’ve spent the last week (again) battling the bronchitis and fatigue and coughing till you pee yourself and all that other great stuff. (TMI?)

This weekend, I was starting to feel a bit more human. My voice was starting to recover. I wanted to clean my filthy, germy house. If you know me even a little bit you know that I never want to clean my house, so you can deduct that either A) it was that filthy and germy that even I can’t stand it or B) I was just that fed up with being sick. Truth is it was C) Both A and B.

Anyway, after the requisite argument about whether the Hub has a bad attitude about Saturday cleaning marathons or I’m misinterpreting his “thinking mode” while he’s “planning how to accomplish things” as bad attitude, we got to work and managed to whip the place into reasonably clean and healthy shape. We cleaned bathrooms – even the tubs (which seriously seems like a waste of time to me, but whatever). We cleaned floors. We cleaned counter tops. We even have clean window tracks – you know the part at the bottom where all the icky black winter gunk collects? Yeah. That. We had some. Gone. And we even had plenty of time to sit and play an extended game of Heroscape with Zilla.

But I digress.

Yesterday I woke up feeling like hammered shit. Again. I decided I just overdid it with the cleaning. (See why I avoid this as often as possible? It’s detrimental to your body.) I managed to pull it together and make it to the last Mass of the morning with Zilla, but felt awful all the way through. When we got home, I kept on feeling lousy. By Zilla’s bedtime, I was done for – completely exhausted, achy, and generally miserable. I went to bed early after a typical conversation with my mom in which she insists I need to see a doctor and I insist that there is absolutely no point because really, what’s the doctor going to do? Tell me I have RA and I’m recovering from the flu and bronchitis and I way overdid it on the cleaning? She does not need my $20 copay that bad. I need that $20. For cough drops and stuff.

Today I still feel pretty much like shit but more like regular shit than the hammered version. Still exhausted and fatigued, still achy and feeling sort of mildly chill-ish and flu-like, lots of sneezing and nose blowing, and mildly nauseous. But no fever, no coughing, no wheezing. And lots of irritation. Truly all I could think today was, “Seriously? Still sick? Or again sick? You have GOT to be F**king kidding me!

Doctor’s office is open until 8 tonight. No, I did not make an appointment. For what? So she can tell me I probably have a new version of the creeping crud? Or that I have a stomach virus? Either way she gets $20 bucks and I get sent home with the “just has to run its course” diagnosis. When I talk to my mom tonight, she’ll give me grief for not going. But I promise if I develop even half a degree of fever or don’t feel any better by morning, I’ll call and go tomorrow. Really.

So that’s life here. Where’s the thankfulness in all of this? (Finally, you’re thinking…I know.) I actually have a bunch.

I am extremely thankful – which I’ve said before – that at no point did any of us develop pneumonia or become sick enough to end up in the hospital.

I’m thankful for the Hub’s Immune System of Steel and that Zilla appears to have inherited that little genetic trick from him. They are both up and running at full capacity. In general, they don’t get very sick very often. One of us in the house with a lousy immune system is plenty, thank you, so I’m very glad they both have a hardy one.

I am thankful that my mom nags the crap out of me about seeing a doctor when I’m sick. She’s a call the doctor right away person. I’m all about knowing symptoms and knowing my body and handling it at home whenever possible. It’s a simple generational difference thing, I’m sure. But I’m mighty glad that Mom is alive and well and therefore around to bug me about whether or not I need to see a doctor. It’s a good thing.

I am thankful for the most amazing donuts on the planet from the most amazing bakery on the planet. We had our faschnauts a few days early since I happened to find the exact ones I wanted from the amazing bakery at our farmer’s market on Saturday. Win.

I am thankful for beautiful sunsets that light the sky on fire.

I am rather pleased with the cleanliness of the house after our Get The Germs Out binge on Saturday. It feels good to have the house back in the realm of clean at least, even if it’s not uncluttered. That’s a project for another day. And my horrible messy office? Forget it. I can’t even.

And despite my extended recovery phase this last week, we still managed to eat regular cooked-at-home food and not resort to takeout. Well, except for on game night, but pizza just goes with game night. We had spaghetti and meatballs one night, tacos and Spanish rice at one point, seven-layer burritos another night, Mexican ablondigas soup yesterday (I’m sensing a theme), and tonight it’s homemade Reuben and Rachel sandwiches – affectionately known here as “Dad sandwiches” because they’re the Hub’s favorite. The soup was really delicious – check it out over at The Lemon Bowl. Great recipes there!

A little update: Tonight’s “Dad Sandwiches.” So good.

Speaking of food, it’s time to get dinner on the table so I’m out. See you here for TToT next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you that I’m healthy as a horse and have been up dancing the Fandango every day.

No idea where that came from. Clearly, I need to get well and get out of the house.


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Ten Things of Thankful

In Which I Tell You I’m About to Disappear – #10Thankful

This is going to be tremendously short.

First, let me say that I most definitely do not enjoy writing my TToT posts on Sunday evenings. If I’m here on a Sunday evening with fingers to keys, it means either A) I had a hard time figuring out what to put on my list, B) I was out doing stuff all weekend and never saw my desk or keyboard, or C) I plain old just didn’t get to it.

Whichever answer is true – and this week it’s B – I still don’t enjoy the Sunday night write because it just feels so forced and deadline-ish.

But. I’m doing it still.

The tremendously short version of my list of thankfuls is that we’ve had a wonderful weekend enjoying the completely not-fall-like weather (mid 70s the last two days – bizarre) and taking a little weekend getaway that we love. Fun. So I’m thankful we were able to do that.

I’m thankful the port-a-johns at the farm where we visited a fall festival today were unbelievably clean. I kid you not. And I’m glad we got to enjoy a  nice very not-crowded afternoon with Zilla and a cousin at said fall festival. They had a good time.


I’m tired as can be, but I’m glad for that, too, because it means my body can get up and move around fairly well and my muscles got used in good ways. I’m also pretty thankful for a little ibuprofen and some tea and a comfy bed on which to put up my feet and recover.

I’m pretty thankful that no one in this TToT crew is going to mind that this is short (although is it really at this point?) and haphazard because hey, whatever you do is fine and this crew does not judge.

Finally – this is the thankful where I finally get around to explaining my – I’m thankful to have a (sort-of) plan that may help me reach some of my personal and professional goals. I’m about to kind of disappear for the next month. See, I’ve decided to go ahead and give NaNoWriMo a try again. Last year I put a project in the system and got exactly nowhere. This year I have three projects in the works that I want to make significant progress with and so I’m doing it. I have all sorts of reservations about NaNoWriMo – the obligation versus desire factor where writing is concerned, the actual quality of anything banged out in a 30-day mad dash, the realistic potential to sit and write that volume every single day… But you know what? I need these three things out of my head and in any form of semi-half-baked completedness on screen and page.


So this space may remain empty many days. It is my hope to continue posting semi-regularly. I may not get around to read or comment or share at anyone else’s page for a few weeks. It is my hope that I will because I love reading all of you. My house probably won’t get cleaned very often if I’m writing that intensely. It is my hope…. Pfft. Who’s kidding whom? I wasn’t going to clean anyway.

I may or may not “succeed” in producing anything for NaNo. But if I’m absent in the online world, let’s assume it’s because I’m getting something done. You know where to find me if you want or need me and I’ll pop in at least for a bit – you know that much is true.

Gina's Coffee and Books

And now I have to end this and move on, mostly because I’m falling asleep at the keyboard and it is time to go finish out my evening, put my kid to bed, and relax.

Pretend I left you with a snappy and entertaining close here.

See you soon!

~ XO <3


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TToT – The Never-Ending Cold

I still have a cold.

I think this must be the cold from hell, brought on by the unbelievably inconsistent weather here – unseasonably mild, then sub-zero wind chills, then up into the 30s, then down to the teens, then up to nearly 60 degrees, then a plummet to the 20s. No wonder my head is a mess.


I’ve done all the home remedies – sick tea, my new favorite sick soup. Nothing is working so far – unless it’s all keeping it from getting worse, which I suppose can be Thankful #1 this week. How’s that for a silver lining?

Spring can come any time. Continue reading “TToT – The Never-Ending Cold”

TToT – Five Day Week

Oh, hey…it’s Sunday afternoon already and I still haven’t managed to get my TToT post done.

This was our first five day week since school started and yes that extra day does make a difference. We’re definitely settling into the school year routine, though, and that’s a pretty good thing.

But let’s get this list of thankfuls moving along, shall we?

Let’s start with being thankful for an absolutely gorgeous – and NOT stinking hot – almost early fall day. Yay. No photos today, but here’s a shot of our very first glimpse of fall from a couple of weeks ago at the mountain…


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TToT – The Week of Summer Insanity

This has been a crazy week.

And this TToT is going to be the fastest, shortest, latest, and most dependent upon the graces of the SGV that I’ve ever posted.

Zilla had a full week of activities, which means that I did as well. Here’s what life looked like… (hold onto your hats because it’s a pretty wild ride) Continue reading “TToT – The Week of Summer Insanity”

Rotten Cat Wednesday

This is Cat One. When I took this photo, he was howling at me because the laundry basket was in “his” spot at the foot of our bed.20150412_213455[1]

And here he is happy after I removed the offending basket. After the photo, he immediately proceeded to lick himself enthusiastically. Nobody needs to see that.


Here we have Cat Three. He’s helping me clean the kitchen floor. He also hollers at me. He usually does it when he wants me to join him for a nap on our bad. Or in the middle of the night when he thinks I should wake up and play with him. Forget it, bud.

20150413_094626[1]And finally, our littlest cat, Cat Two. I have no idea what he’s doing. Probably just scooting around. He’s kind of bad at being a cat. But at least he doesn’t holler at me.


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FTSF – About Marriage, Husbands, And Chores That Suck

Since I started my blog, the Hub has been telling me to write posts about how awesome he is.

Every now and then he gives me that look…the “this is going on the blog, isn’t it?” look. He knows. The stream of blog fodder he provides is awesome.

And so today the Hub gets his wish. He gets a post dedicated to him.

Because he sucks.

Yes, that’s correct. He sucks. You see, my Husband does the one chore I hate more than any other: he vacuums.


I would rather do anything than run the vacuum cleaner. I will offer to clean the bathrooms, toilets and tubs included, if I don’t have to run the vacuum cleaner. I hate it. I don’t know why.

Maybe it’s the banshee-like sound it makes. Maybe it’s because the beast is heavy and awkward, like an elephant on skis. Maybe it’s an act of rebellion against my Mother who may or may not love vacuuming more than spring.

What I do know is that since the day we married, the Hub has done all the vacuuming. It means a lot to me because he doesn’t love it, either. But he does love me.

His ready acceptance of this chore I hate speaks volumes. He is willing to do it so I don’t have to. And there are things he would rather not do, like grocery shopping and pairing socks. I take those.

There are things in life we would rather not do and things we flat out hate. Some parts of marriage sometimes suck and some responsibilities we could do without. Everyone has their own laundry list.

Marriage, like sharing chores, is about striking a balance. You have to fiddle with the weights a little to find the combination that works. Help one another. Carry the load your partner doesn’t want. Do the job that sucks.

Find the balance between work and play, too. Some days the chores get finished; some days they do not. The house will not always be clean. And at the end of any day it doesn’t matter if we have spotless floors or sparkling tubs. What matters is that we loved.20150214_024309[1]

Compassion, kindness, nurture. These things matter. These things say love. These things last far longer than the length of a least loved chore or the freshness of flowers in a vase.

And besides, after the flowers die, someone is going to have to clean them up.



This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post, where writers and bloggers link up their words to a weekly prompt. This week’s sentence is “The chore I hate doing the most is…”

Our chore-hating but lovely host is Kristi from Finding Ninee

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Finish the Sentence Friday

TToT – The One With All The Excitement

This has been an exciting week.

And it’s not over yet, so I’m squeezing this in to make sure I make it to the TToT party before I’m off again. This one’s moving fast, friends, so hang on…

Beatles Blog Tour Image 2

My first-ever guest post over at Pat DiCesare’s blog went so well. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate and thankful for all of you who clicked over to read and comment. If you haven’t been there yet, please visit and take a look.

What’s next?

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TToT – House-Warming

I am losing my patience with winter.

I know, I know. Everyone is tired of it and everyone is cold and nobody wants to hear anyone else complain anymore. I agree. We are house-bound today due to both weather and illness, so I turned to my good friend Thoreau for some help.


Because if I watch one more Disney, Jr. show with my Daughter I’m going to lose my mind.

I grabbed my love-worn copy of Walden, a woolen shawl, and a hot cup of coffee. Knowing he will always tend toward an admiration of the beauty of nature, I prepared to see what Henry David had to say about winter. A lot – four chapters, to be precise. In my copy, that’s about 60 pages. I didn’t care to read 60 pages of it when the last 60 days have been more than enough. A couple of things caught my attention…

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FTSF – Epic Diaper Fail: A Babyzilla Story

When the timing is right to jump into something, you know.

Sometimes you just need the right combination of factors to fall into place together to make you say, “OK, it’s time to try this.” I have been reading posts here and there that link up to Finish the Sentence Friday, currently hosted at my friend Kristi’s blog.

I thought it might be a cool thing to do on several occasions, but…I didn’t. But when I read some of the posts from this week’s and saw the topic, I knew I had a trick up my sleeve that would be perfect. Continue reading “FTSF – Epic Diaper Fail: A Babyzilla Story”