There’s a lot going on around here right now.

The in-real world is pretty stressful and demanding right now and I’d be lying if I said I’m handling with anything close to finesse. I’m not. I’m exhausted. I’m not sleeping. My eczema is springing up like crazy. I’m getting pimples – and that’s ridiculous. I didn’t even have them in puberty. Why now for crying out loud? I’m cranky and nervous and I’m driving my family insane. Even the Rotten Cats are kind of staying away…


So, yeah. Finding the thankful this week was not at the top of my Things-I-Can’t-Wait-to-Do list this week. In fact, Christina mentioned on Facebook that she was kind of wondering how to get the TToT done when you’re really not feeling it. At that moment, I thought my list was going to be one of Clark’s hypo-gratitude type posts. I think most of us have been there at least once. Right?

Well I’m kind of there again.

But at some point on Saturday morning it occurred to me that even though I’m really having a tough time seeing what’s going well right now, there is a lot of good in my life. It comes in the form of the people I have around me.

For example…

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OK, so it’s Tuesday.

Lately, I’ve been running something book-related for you on Tuesdays. It’s kind of like library day. Maybe we have a guest post from an author, maybe a Q&A session, maybe a book review…

But today I’m afraid I have nothing new to report. I’m still reading several books (yes, I do that) but not finishing any because how crazy is the end of the school year?


So instead of something brand-new for you today, I’m going to send you back once again to Lizzi’s blog and her Slip of the Lit post about the importance of talking about the books you read and love. Lizzi breaks it down into the simplest of terms: review, share, and recommend. Simple.

If you know me at all, you know that one of my champion causes is reading and literacy. Reading begets so many wonderful things – knowledge, connection, acquisition of strong language skills, exposure to so many different topics…the list goes on and on. To possess a love of reading is to possess the world. Reading opens doors we can’t even imagine until we stand in front of them, wondering what lies beyond. 

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There is nothing quite so satisfying as practical wisdom.

While I suppose it’s presumptuous to call myself “wise,” I can at least admit honestly that I found several occasions this week that called for some practical application of knowledge and somehow I got it right!

And in the spirit of being practical, I need to be quick about this because I’m late to publish and I have a list of things to do yet after this post. So let’s be about the business of thankfulness, shall we?

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Grab your coffee cup, friends, because we have a visitor this morning. Today, I am thrilled to have Beth Teliho, author of one of my new favorite books, Order of Seven, join us for a stop along her blog tour. I reviewed Order of Seven not long ago. You can check that out here. Go ahead, the coffee is still…Continue Reading “The Truth Behind the Story – An Interview with Beth Teliho”

Want to get inside the mind of a poet?

Today is your lucky day!

Making a stop on her blog tour and joining us for a brief interview this morning is Tamara Woods, author of The Shaping of an “Angry” Black Woman. If you have not experienced Tamara’s words through the page or through her videos, you really must. It’s gorgeous. Gorgeous! I’m a pretty discerning poetry consumer and Tamara’s work is the goods.

Banner for Tour

I’ve shared a couple of links for you at the end of this post so you can listen to Tamara talk about and read a bit of her poetry.

But first, go grab a fresh cup of coffee, get comfortable in your chair, and see what our lovely guest has to share with us while we chat her up!

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Hello, Friends.

I’ve been flying only a bit above radar lately. I think I’ll be back to posting a bit in the week ahead. In particular, you should stop by on Tuesday, April 14th because I will be hosting a little virtual interview with the lovely Tamara Woods of PenPaperPad. Come check that out.

Now let’s get down to the business of being thankful…

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It is silent.

Right now, my house is utterly and completely silent.

It is a different kind of quiet than the one that exists here during the day when I’m working here alone. Then I hear the construction noises from the new development across the field. I hear cats doing cat things. I hear cars and people coming and going.

It is a different kind of silence than the one that exists here at night when the sound of sleeping people and not-so-sleepy cats echoes through the hallways.

20150117_172214Now, in the evening, the sun is about to disappear. I am here alone, the noises have ceased, and it is silent.

And I am thankful…

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In a million years, I would not expect to have a sit-down question and answer session with one of the greatest concert promoters in rock and roll history.

But thanks to the wonders of technology, I am honored to host a virtual sit-down with legendary concert promoter, author, and entrepreneur Pat DiCesare. On Monday, March 9th, Pat kicked off his “Hit the Road Jack” blog tour featuring his book Hard Days Hard Nights:  From the Beatles to the Doors to the Stones . . . Insider Stories from a Legendary Concert Promoter. Today I am thrilled to be part of Pat’s “road crew” for the tour.


So go put on some tunes and then pull up a chair. Get ready to listen in as I pick Pat’s brain and he shares with us some fascinating tales from his days in the music business.



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Come with me on a musical journey…

I want to share something with you today that has me very excited and brings together two things I enjoy a great deal – music and our favorite hiking spot. OK, three. The Hub is involved here and I enjoy him a great deal, too.


The Hub – or Dave as he’s known in real life – is about to release his seventh CD titled Hawk Mountain Triptych. Click on the player below to give you some background music for our little trip and then we’ll be off…

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