Wow. Just wow.

Well, I muddled through OctPoWriMo – sorta. I somehow anticipated having more time, producing more words, posting more posts…then life happened. I even missed a TToT or two which I truly never do. And now, here we are a week into November and NaNoWriMo I’m feeling a bit like I’m trying to climb a very slippery slope. All good intentions fall to the wayside, unexpected things fall in my path…you know…things fall apart.

But it’s not bad … in fact, things are rather good, I think. I did get some poetry posts in for October. I am writing for NaNoWriMo, albeit slowly. I’m just having a very hard time finding my groove right now, in all respects. It will come. I will get there.


In the meantime, I am just enjoying autumn (well except for this last week of ridiculously hot and muggy temps…ugh), continuing to find my way, and keeping my eyes focused on the path ahead. And even though the sun does not always shine through the trees, there is much for which I am thankful…


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We have been busy here, friends!

I have to tell you this. I can’t remember quite enjoying the time leading up to the holidays as much as I am this year. It’s different. I could ramble on here for a few paragraphs about all the specifics of why, but I’m not going to. Let me just sum it up by saying that what I’ve spent my life doing for the last many years was preventing me from actually living my life.


I love this new life. I love having the ability to be available for my Daughter and my Husband – and for myself, actually – in a way I just haven’t been able to for a very long time. I love that I can make my own hours. I love that every aspect of my health has improved dramatically since making this change. There is no question that freeing myself of the negativity of the last several years was the right choice.

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As I started to put this post together, it occurred to me that writing a thankful list at Thanksgiving was no different than any other week.

Mission accomplished, I guess!

If by listing the things we are thankful for each week, we’ve created a mindset where we no longer see giving thanks as a once-a-year thing to do, then we have been successful.

But perhaps Thanksgiving is a time when people think on a larger scale about the things for which they are thankful. That’s kind of what I’ve done here, although you will see the occasional week-specific item.

I’m going to start off with a nearly forgotten moment.  While travelling to Hersheypark this fall, we saw this cloud in the sky…


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How can a week go by so quickly and so slowly at the same time?

Somehow, these last two weeks have flown by in exactly that manner and Labor Day is upon us. We’ve had a wonderful last bit of summer, even if it did go by a little too quickly. Zilla and I have spent a ton of time doing chores, learning math games for school, playing, crafting, and doing a bunch of nothing but snuggling. The Hub has been with us for some of it, but most days has been happily busy at work. We’re still reeling in the thankfulness for that!

But there are many more thankfuls this week, so I’m going to dive right in…

Let’s start by picking up with the end of last week’s list. When last we saw our Heroine (that would be me), she was headed off on a desperate last-minute search for beach-appropriate attire. Super Sister and I walked into the store and it was FALL I tell you. Fall sweaters and jeans everywhere. Nevertheless, we were there for swimwear so we hit the clearance racks and – unbelievably – were successful!

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I probably could have called this the “broken” edition of Friday Favorites considering we have a broken microwave and at least two other things around the house that need to be repaired. Do wild animals live here?

Instead, I have simply collected my favorites from this long holiday weekend in hopes that it will make up for the fact that I was just too lazy from all the Thanksgiving weekend eating to do Friday Favorites on time…or do an original Monday post.

Hey, at least I’m honest.

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Remember M.C. Hammer?  The song “Can’t Touch This”?  Then you surely remember that great late ’80s fashion craze called “Hammer Pants.”

I have lived through many fashion mistakes…many many fashion mistakes.  I am certain that yesterday was yet another.  I was surprised, though, at the speed with which My Sister suggested that my Hammer Pants phase was my greatest fashion faux pas to date.

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