TToT – Best Day Ever and Bedtime

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a TToT quite this late in the weekend.

I’ve been doing all the things this week and through the weekend and like this awesome camouflaged Rotten Cat, I’m pretty tired. I need to wrap it up and get some sleep.


But I’m here and I’m doing it but it will definitely be short and sweet. Follow, please… Continue reading “TToT – Best Day Ever and Bedtime”

TToT – We’re Here Already?

I can’t believe it’s the weekend again already.

I also can’t believe that Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone, that autumn is now two-thirds past, and we’re heading rapidly toward Hanukkah next weekend and Christmas not far behind.

Time moves so fast… What is it that Ferris Bueller said? “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” I definitely don’t want that to happen. I want to be aware of the life I’m living.

And so it is good practice, especially in times when life is busy and stressful, to just…be. We need time to stop and look around, to find the quiet moments for which to be thankful, the moments that give our life meaning.

So let’s talk turkey… Continue reading “TToT – We’re Here Already?”

Six Sentence Stories – Aged

It was never supposed to be permanent; the separation loomed large but would only be temporary.

“I’ll be back,” he assured her, the tears welling in his eyes threatening to mirror the flow of the ones already streaming down her own face. “The waiting might feel forever, but we’ll be together again and then it will be forever.”

She wanted to believe him – she did believe him – yet somehow, when he slung his duffel over his shoulder and walked down the porch stairs, she knew…

Now, so many years later, she sat in her rocking chair on that same porch, hands shriveled like drying grapes, but with a heart still as rich and full as a well-aged wine, waiting for him to come up those same stairs. “Yes,” she whispered to the air, “we will be together again very soon and then it will be forever…”


This has been a Six Sentence Story.

Each week, the lovely Ivy Walker hosts a link-up challenging writers to spin a tale in six sentences – no more, no less. Click on the link right here to find out more and link your own post. While you’re there, click on the blue frog button to visit the link-up where you will find great stories from some wonderful storytellers.

This week’s prompt was AGED.

Six Sentence


Let me tell you something about hardship.

You are never prepared for it.

You can tell yourself that you are. You can tell yourself that you’ve thought through all the possibilities that could befall you and can handle whatever life hurls at you. But no matter how much you think you’re prepared, when that moment comes – and I can assure you that it will come – the world will grow dark and it will bring you to your knees.


You can believe your own half-humorous claims that your position in life is secure because they’ll never find another fool to do your job for what they pay you. But the truth is they will. Not only will they find someone to do your job, but they will find someone to do it for even less than they’re paying you.

Three and a half years ago, my Husband lost his job. We had no suspicion, no warning. There was only a seemingly sudden decision that his services would no longer be required. We were devastated. He had spent eleven years of his time, energy, and talent on that position – sometimes to the detriment of other aspects of our lives. He worked hard and cared about his work. But suddenly, circumstances beyond our control left us standing, mouths agape, utterly shocked. Continue reading “Hardship”

TToT – My People

There’s a lot going on around here right now.

The in-real world is pretty stressful and demanding right now and I’d be lying if I said I’m handling with anything close to finesse. I’m not. I’m exhausted. I’m not sleeping. My eczema is springing up like crazy. I’m getting pimples – and that’s ridiculous. I didn’t even have them in puberty. Why now for crying out loud? I’m cranky and nervous and I’m driving my family insane. Even the Rotten Cats are kind of staying away…


So, yeah. Finding the thankful this week was not at the top of my Things-I-Can’t-Wait-to-Do list this week. In fact, Christina mentioned on Facebook that she was kind of wondering how to get the TToT done when you’re really not feeling it. At that moment, I thought my list was going to be one of Clark’s hypo-gratitude type posts. I think most of us have been there at least once. Right?

Well I’m kind of there again.

But at some point on Saturday morning it occurred to me that even though I’m really having a tough time seeing what’s going well right now, there is a lot of good in my life. It comes in the form of the people I have around me.

For example… Continue reading “TToT – My People”

TToT – Birthdays and Life

Some days make you stop and think about life more than others.

Today is one of those days.

Our Daughter is seven years old today and I have spent a great deal of time this week, and especially today, thinking about how we came to be in this moment…

I’m going to try to do it here without crying too much.

I am thankful, first and foremost, that we are both here – alive and together. To say that Zilla’s birth did not go as planned is a gross understatement. Suffice to say that for a time that night, the Fab Hub (and now Fab Dad) was not certain whether he would leave that hospital with a family or without one. Through the grace of God we are here, together, a family. So we celebrate not only her birthday, but the birth of our family…


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Sweet Tea

A few weeks ago, I attended the most wonderful event.

My Daughter’s class invited their moms to a Mother’s Day Tea. The handmade invitations indicated a special event was at hand. I’ll admit I was skeptical. A tea for mothers? In the first-grade classroom? With all those tiny little chairs that no self-respecting adult should attempt to use? Hmm…

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TToT – Simple Practicality

There is nothing quite so satisfying as practical wisdom.

While I suppose it’s presumptuous to call myself “wise,” I can at least admit honestly that I found several occasions this week that called for some practical application of knowledge and somehow I got it right!

And in the spirit of being practical, I need to be quick about this because I’m late to publish and I have a list of things to do yet after this post. So let’s be about the business of thankfulness, shall we? Continue reading “TToT – Simple Practicality”

Confession Time

Friends, I’ve been hiding in a hole a bit.

I took a break from the Internet for a few days because I wanted to and needed to. And then I kind of didn’t want to come back to it. Ever.

I guess I’m going through a bit of an introspective period. Trying to figure things out. Trying to sort out some emotions. Trying to put things in their proper place and gain the proper perspective. Trying to decide which of my writing projects are worth bothering with, which of the ones I’ve stashed away from daylight should be brought out for some fresh air, and which just need to be scrapped. Trying to decide if I’m any kind of writer at all. Trying to decide exactly what career path I’m trying to create for myself and why none of the potentials seem to be gaining any momentum. Trying to figure out why the world is speeding ahead at full steam and I’m kind of stuck in the station.

I’m also still working through this latest bout of RA flare and trying to get my body to do what it is supposed to. It’s not cooperating. And that has me scared a bit about whether it means this is just a bad flare that needs help or whether it means I’ve hit a progressive stage. I’m getting very close to the point at which my doc says it’s time to call. I’ve never had to call before and I don’t want to now.

And then there’s regular life – the Hub, the Kidzilla, the Rotten Cats, chores, laundry, paperwork, holidays, every day life…

So I haven’t been around to read or leave comments very much. I haven’t entered conversations much. I haven’t responded to your chats or games. I’m trying to catch up because I don’t want to miss a word of what you have to say, but I’m afraid I may have to just hit that “mark all as read” button and start from scratch. It’s not personal; it’s just overwhelming.

So I’m just kind of here trying to figure things out.That’s all.