Apparently, Saturday morning cartoons are not quite what they used to be.

I spent considerable time thinking about this over the last couple of days.  Kidzilla and I have matching sinus infections (lovely) and so we all took it pretty easy this weekend. On Saturday, all Zilla really wanted to do was curl up and watch TV. OK by me.

But seriously, when did Saturday morning cartoons stop being cool? When I was a kid we had greats like Josie and the Pussycats, Speed Buggy, and Super Friends with their Hall of Justice. Now that was cool TV.  

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The Saturdays in our life are widely varied – sometimes we run errands or go grocery shopping; sometimes we go hiking or on a little day trip somewhere. But our favorite kind of Saturday is a day where we do absolutely nothing in particular.

Fab Hub and I are pretty much homebodies. We aren’t huge travelers; for us, the best vacation is the one where we get to hang out at home together, turn off the telephone, and just come and go as we please if we please. We enjoy the things we do out in the world and yes, plan them on purpose fairly often. But we also love to be in our home together.  Home is a haven.

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Late last week, I was feeling a bit run down.  Not physically ill, but more like worn out.  I know several other people – friends, colleagues, family – who have been feeling similarly or are actually sick.

So I started thinking about the things that make me feel better when I am not well in some way – physically or otherwise.

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