“OK, last game – rack ’em up,” Cal said, “and let’s see how your hustle holds up.” He leaned coolly against the paneling in the close, dim room and chalked his cue with a deliberate eye on his opponent, studying every glance and gesture with purpose. Eddie – or The Shark, as he liked to introduce…Continue Reading “Cosmic Pool”

The relentless beep beep beep of the monitor had taunted Tom for hours now; it was more than he could bear. He buried his face in his hands attempting to hide from the truth, but the cold blue light from the screens found him like a searchlight in the dark room. How did we end up here?   He…Continue Reading “Listen”

“Can’t imagine spending life with anyone else,” the old woman said. The rocking chairs creaked. A groundhog lumbered nearby. Such similar creatures are we, thought the old man. Eat, hibernate, mate, hibernate some more. He had left her long ago, retreated into dreams of another life. “Yep,” he said. “Imagine.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This post was written for the…Continue Reading “Silent Leaving”