Soup of the Week – Pureed Broccoli Soup

Good things come to those who wait, right?

Thanks for waiting for this week’s soup! I really did not think to plan ahead for this post. Well, I did – I decided I would make broccoli soup, but I did not exactly set aside time to actually make it.

But I know you’ll forgive me because we were off on a wonderful weekend adventure with our Kidzilla to a kid-friendly Halloween fest at an amusement park and to see Disney’s Frozen on Ice. It was a great trip and I had the post-weekend fatigue in my bones on Sunday to prove it!


I figured I would get my soup on early Monday morning after dropping Zilla off at school, but she ended up staying home for the day thanks to a bit of rogue food dye on Sunday evening at dinner that knocked her system all out of whack. Poor kid! So I spent most of the day with my little girl and put the soup on hold. Wouldn’t you?

As I was getting things ready, Zilla asked, “Why does the kitchen smell like foul, wet broccoli?” Continue reading

TToT- Funk Busting

By the time the TToT hop goes live, we are going to be busy getting our weekend started. I should probably be doing ten other things right now, but I don’t want to wait until oh sometime maybe Sunday to get linked. So I’m going to bang out this list quickly so I can get back to work and get the weekend adventures started!


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Soup of the Week – Green Soup

Ever have a whole lot of veggies left in your refrigerator that need to be used or else end up in the garbage can?

That happens here sometimes. Not often, thankfully, because we really are good vegetable eaters here. But every now and then, especially with a CSA share, we end up with more of something than we can use before it passes its prime.


This was the case several months ago with greens. As in lettuce. And so I decided to make lettuce soup.

Wait! Hold it!

Don’t click away yet! Stay with me on this…it really isn’t as bad as it sounds. I’ve made it several times already. Kidzilla loves it. My Mom has had at least one version of it and enjoyed it. My Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law have had it. My Father-in-Law, so I’m told, nearly licked the bowl clean and “yummed” his way through it.


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TToT When I’m Not Really Feeling It

It’s not that I don’t feel thankful this week. I absolutely do – for many things.

But for some reason I am feeling irritable about posting. I was very excited to get my Soup of the Week posts back up and running, even if this week’s turned out to be a consolation prize because I never quite got around to actually making any soup. But does anyone really care about soup?

And then every time I had a great post idea or sat to write…the idea fizzled or the writing didn’t happen. Maybe I’m just feeling ambivalent toward the blog right now. It feels kind of lost at the  moment. Maybe it needs to go on a long hiatus. Still debating that one.

In the meantime, I’m going to get my Thankfuls on because A) it is always good to acknowledge that which is good in life and 2) if it weren’t for the TToT, there would be a whole lot of nothing happening on this blog at all. See what I mean? Why is that?

Anyway, let’s start off by being thankful that my little kitchen mishap this week did not turn out to be much worse than it is.

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Soup of the Week – Teaser Edition

I did not exactly think this week’s soup post through very clearly.

I had every intention of posting a new recipe today and invited everyone here for a soup recipe today. I tempted you with a lovely cream of broccoli recipe. But then I realized that I did not make any new soup last week while I was so sick, so…no soup today.

We’ll do broccoli tomorrow. (A prize for the reader who can correctly identify the movie from which that line is taken.)

So, for those who were hoping to find a recipe today, or just for those who are newer readers, instead of creamy broccoli, I’m leaving you with a selection of my previous Soup of the Week links to try this week.


These recipes are from a mix of sources – my own recipes, friends’ recipes, reader suggestions, Pinterest pins, magazines, etc. If you try them, be sure to come back and let us know how you liked them!

Enjoy! Continue reading

The TToT of Being Sick

I couldn’t think of anything else to call this.

I started my list early in the week and added items as they occurred. This morning I realized that most of my items this week center on my ongoing respiratory issues. So there it is – The TToT of Being Sick. Still.


Photos…I have none. I haven’t been outside the house long enough to take any. So I’ll try to appease the visual people out there with pictures of soup and tea, since I’ve been consuming large quantities of these things for the last few weeks. Here we have some beet and carrot soup and I think the green was creamy Swiss chard. I know I did a recipe for the beet and carrot on the blog at some point last summer. The Swiss chard has not shown up yet – I’ll get to it. None of these were made this week…hence the lack of a Soup of the Week post.

Moving on.

I’ll start with being thankful for my many blog friends and real-life friends who have sent well wishes, positive thoughts, and prayers my way. Keep ‘em coming! I think it’s helping…slowly but surely. Continue reading

TToT – Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Could there be light at the end of the tunnel with this upper respiratory nonsense?

I thought I was pulling out of it earlier in the week and then Kidzilla came home from school at 10:30 on Monday morning with School Crud – that’s the technical term for whatever respiratory germ a particular school building is sharing.

Sure enough, with my resistance already low from the allergy attacks, I also ended up with the School Crud, which turned swiftly to bronchitis. Continue reading

Six Words on Wordless Wednesday – But Not Here

I’m joining in today with Eli at Coach Daddy for his Six Words post.

This month we’re talking about the things we’re “chicken” of. You’ll find me at #40 and you’ll see some other familiar names on the list as well.

Hop over and join the fun!

In the meantime, I leave you with a glimpse of the glorious autumn that is unfolding here. This shot is of my beautiful field of corn smut.


Have a wonderful day!


Soup of the Week Returns! – Sweet Red Pepper Soup

I love soup. All the time.

I like to make a pot of something and keep it around for lunches and quick dinners during the week. But somehow I got out of the habit. Maybe it was all this business of starting jobs and ending jobs that we had this summer. Maybe it was back at The Great Clean and Purge when I was ousted from my kitchen for a few days.

I realized I missed my soup. And really, there is no better way to deal with an overabundance of CSA veggies than to whip up some soup. I had a bumper crop of red and orange peppers to use and I can’t get the Hub to eat a stuffed pepper to save his life.

So I’m bringing soup back.


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