TToT – A Big One

We have a big one to be thankful for this week, friends. Huge.

The Hub’s got himself a great big full time position! It’s the same one he’s had, but we’ve moved from a part-time/temporary status to extending the term to the year to full time. That’s right. Full. Time. Job.

That really ought to cover it for me this week, but I do have a few others. I’m going streamlined and without much fuss because frankly, I need a nap. Continue reading

One Good Turn Deserves Another

If you’re going to call someone out on something, you should probably be prepared to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

I checked in with Lizzi the other day because, while she is far from being absent to her blog, it seemed unusual not to see a post from her in relatively short time. So we had a little to-do about the whole thing, which she outlines perfectly on her page, but in the end she turned out a lovely tribute to Autumn in England, despite not being a fan of the season herself.

And then it occurred to me that other than the TToT lists, there has been a whole lot of nothing in this space over the last couple of weeks. I knew I kind of had to pony up and write something, too, since I gave Lizzi a hard time and all. I could cite the old Lack of Inspiration excuse as Lizzi did in our little row. I could beg off on the Illness excuse because I have, after all been fighting with this devil of a something-or-other for about the last two weeks. And then there’s the Kidzilla Just Started School one and the Starting Up My New Career one… Continue reading

TToT – Mexican Delicacies and a Love Letter of Sorts

Contrary to popular rumor, I have neither left the country or this life.

I have, however, been sick with round two of whatever horrible allergy-induced respiratory nonsense I’ve had lurking the last couple of weeks. I’m sure it’s allergies because, well, the symptoms just don’t add up to anything else and…corn smut.

Yup, corn smut. It’s a real thing, I promise. (Look it up. Just be forewarned – it’s nasty-looking.) It’s real and I’m allergic to it. Corn smut tends to hit the air around late August and early September when the farmers start to  harvest the sweet corn. Oh, and did I mention that there is a corn field right across the street from our house? Yeah.

Corn smut is a delicacy in Mexico, though, and a pricey one. It has a fancy name – huitlacoche – and people eat it. Let’s just call it…Mexican truffles. Because it’s a fungus, friends. But I digress.

What all of that adds up to is that I’ve been down for the count this week, but I’m not missing out on the opportunity to post my TToT, especially because today is the Fab Hub’s birthday!!! I can’t think of a better topic for a list of reasons to be thankful.

And so, in honor of the Fab Hub/s birthday, I’ve enlisted Kidzilla’s help to compose a list of ten reasons we’re thankful for our Fab Hub/Fab Dad. See if you can tell which ones are Kidzilla’s contributions!

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TToT – Summer’s Fast and Final Blast

How can a week go by so quickly and so slowly at the same time?

Somehow, these last two weeks have flown by in exactly that manner and Labor Day is upon us. We’ve had a wonderful last bit of summer, even if it did go by a little too quickly. Zilla and I have spent a ton of time doing chores, learning math games for school, playing, crafting, and doing a bunch of nothing but snuggling. The Hub has been with us for some of it, but most days has been happily busy at work. We’re still reeling in the thankfulness for that!

But there are many more thankfuls this week, so I’m going to dive right in…

Let’s start by picking up with the end of last week’s list. When last we saw our Heroine (that would be me), she was headed off on a desperate last-minute search for beach-appropriate attire. Super Sister and I walked into the store and it was FALL I tell you. Fall sweaters and jeans everywhere. Nevertheless, we were there for swimwear so we hit the clearance racks and – unbelievably – were successful!

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TToT – Disappearing Act

I know, I know.

I got everybody all excited about my big job move, promised I would explain in more detail what I’ll be doing next…and then completely – and unintentionally – disappeared from this space all week.

I felt sort of “eh” on Saturday afternoon last week. I figured I was just tired from our amusement park trip the day before. But the headache got worse, the chest congestion took hold and by Sunday morning, I had a nasty summer cold which felt like it could easily be convinced to become a full-blown sinus and upper respiratory infection.

And then I spent most of the week really sick. Highly inconvenient, given that we had a yard sale scheduled for this weekend and a whole lot of stuff to set up.

Despite the fact that I felt lousy all week, there are still many moments for which to be thankful… Continue reading

TToT – A Dizzying Week

There is certainly no dearth of thankfulness this week!

So many things have happened – and happened well, at that. It’s been a good week all around. Kind of a head-spinning week, really. So while I have much to be thankful for, I found it sort of overwhelming to sort it all out, put it into words, and then put those words on screen. I’m late to the party again this week, but I have a stellar list to show for it!

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The Open Door

I have tried for days to write this post.

I have wanted to write this post for months. I practiced it in my head. OK, I had one line down, but still. This should not have been the post that I struggled to write. It kind of bothers me because rarely, if ever, do I struggle to find words to say something. Why now?

I was thinking about it all wrong. I was trying to tell the story by looking behind me, explaining what has led to this moment, this decision, and focusing on the doors that have been closed. But none of that matters, really, because this isn’t about what came before. This is about what is yet to come.

Allow me to digress for a moment. It’s relevant, I promise. Continue reading

TToT – Taking Care of Business

I am late to the party this week, but I’m here!

It’s been a very eventful week and there is much to do in the week ahead. For now, I want to pause for just a few minutes and make note of the week’s highlights. There is much for which to be thankful…

First, on a very light note, I am completely excited that it is Shark Week! I had nearly forgotten, but Super Sister texted me this morning in very capital letters reminding me that it is indeed Shark Week. Check out Discovery Channel’s website for all the details.

OK, on to the more serious stuff…

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What I’ll Miss About This Summer

There has been far too much heavy discussion around here this week. And heavy thinking.

Today I need to turn my focus to something a bit less stressful. So let’s talk summer. Yes, yes, I know – we have our feet planted firmly in August and Labor Day Weekend is a mere three weeks away. Schools are gearing up for the new year. Back-to-school shopping ads are everywhere. Summer is slipping away…

I don’t actually love summer. In fact, I kind of hate it. Summer is maybe my least favorite season of the year. Nothing makes me cry quite like heat and humidity. Except maybe bugs. Bugs make me cry. OK, they make me have panic attacks. But that’s another story. I digress.

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Turning Point – The First Day

There is no better way to introduce it or say it than to just do it:

The Fab Hub has a brand new job!!!

Woo hoo! Hooray! And thank the Lord!

It’s exactly what he needs to make this break into the world of IT. It’s the door we have been hoping would open. I spent a whole lot of yesterday crying, mostly from relief, I think. All that tension, waiting, emotion that has been pent up inside just kind of came spilling out.

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