Soup of the Week – Stuffed Pepper Soup and Time Travel

Sometimes good food does more than fill your belly.

Every now and then food has the power to actually transport you back in time. And that’s exactly what happened when I tasted this stuffed pepper soup.

Stuffed Pepper 1First of all, it’s just flat-out delicious. If you like stuffed peppers, you will love this soup. And if you don’t like stuffed peppers? Well, you just might end up a convert. My Husband won’t even look at a pepper – stuffed or otherwise – and he thoroughly enjoyed this hearty soup. Twice.

To be completely honest, I don’t exactly love stuffed peppers, either. Continue reading

TToT – We Are Christmas-a-fied!

Well, at least I am. And Kidzilla definitely is!

Hard to say how the Hub feels about the whole thing, given that he’s Jewish and all, but he certainly has done his fair share of tree-trimming with us and shelf elf duty and OUTDOOR LIGHT HANGING.

We have been quite busy Christmas-ing this week and getting Christmas-a-fied. Yes, that’s a thing, trust me. And because we’ve been so busy doing all the things, I suggested to Lizzi that surely the BoSR/SBoR includes a provision that says if you have so much good to be about doing on a weekend then you just have to live life and not write the post. Right? (I’m pretty sure those were actually my exact words, too.) Lizzi said perhaps, but reminded me that there is supposed to be dancing involved when petitioning the Guard Virgins.

I’m way too tired to dance for anyone after the busy few days we’ve had, so here comes my post…

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The Spirit of Christmas

Saturday was the feast of St. Nicholas.

My Daughter woke to find her shoes filled with clementines and chocolate truffles with pretty wrapping and of course she was delighted. When else does a child get a treat for not putting away their shoes at night? She positively floated to our room that morning,

I am sometimes bothered by all the excitement over getting something that is pervasive at this time of year. Who could blame a kid, really? It is fun to receive presents and children are still so egocentric at this stage of development. It’s asking a lot to suggest that a six year old put the idea of giving to others before the prospect of what might show up under the tree. But her excitement about the St. Nicholas treats was truly more about the magic of it all than the actual stuff. Continue reading

TToT – Decking the Halls

Want to know what I really hate?

I hate how crowded the house feels when it’s decorated for the holidays.

I know, bah humbug. But it really always does and that makes me feel like the holidays are somehow…oppressive, no matter how enjoyable. But not this time!

With the new hardwood floors in place this year, the house feels less cramped overall (who knew carpet was so much of a space hog) and the house feels pretty open so far. I’m very happy about that. We are trying a new location for the tree this year, too, so we’ll see how that works.


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Sacred Store

These moments of yours are sacred

each and every one

a precious piece of all that is you.

Happy, sad, singing, yelling, laughing,  fighting –

all part of all that you are

and all that you are yet to be.


You move much too fast for me,

fighting to grow.

I can hardly savor the moments,

never mind try to store each one,

remembering every detail

and sorting every memory

into exactly the right place in my heart.

Happy, sad, singing, yelling, laughing, fighting –

all fall into place.


A moment will come when you walk

a little farther away from me,

ready to take on the world

with all of the wonderful – beautiful – strong that you are

until you come home again and again

And each time I will hold within me

my sacred store

of all that is you.



Two Shoes Tuesdsay

Soup of the Week – Chicken Soup of Necessity

If you’re waiting for the spicy butternut and vegetable “stoup” recipe I promised, it’s still coming.

But this week I made homemade chicken noodle soup because it was necessary. The Fab Hub is sick. (Again.)

20131017_215041Normally, the man has the immune system of steel. He rarely gets sick and when he does, it’s like 24-hour death and then it’s over.

But he’s in a new job which means a new environment and new germs. And that environment happens to be an elementary school. Oh, and his job happens to be one that often requires him to handle the mobile devices used by all of those elementary school children. And everybody knows that elementary school children are like very cute yet very disgusting little walking germs. Continue reading

TToT – Thanksgiving Thankfulness

As I started to put this post together, it occurred to me that writing a thankful list at Thanksgiving was no different than any other week.

Mission accomplished, I guess!

If by listing the things we are thankful for each week, we’ve created a mindset where we no longer see giving thanks as a once-a-year thing to do, then we have been successful.

But perhaps Thanksgiving is a time when people think on a larger scale about the things for which they are thankful. That’s kind of what I’ve done here, although you will see the occasional week-specific item.

I’m going to start off with a nearly forgotten moment.  While travelling to Hersheypark this fall, we saw this cloud in the sky…


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Soup of the Week – Autumn Vegetable

I know, I know. It’s cold and it’s snowing. It feels like winter, not late autumn.

But I promise you this autumn vegetable soup will warm you up from head to toe and from the inside out!

I am not a big fan of traditional vegetable soup. I don’t know why because I do love vegetables. But we’ll address that little idiosyncrasy another time. This recipe is not your traditional vegetable soup. Continue reading