OctPoWriMo Day 24 – Story Time

My story poem is not inspired by a photo, but rather another story.

One of my favorite genres is Arthurian legend. This poem is inspired by the tragic love triangle of King Arthur, his Queen, Guinevere, and their beloved champion, Sir Lancelot. The images are two of my favorites from Edmund Blair Leighton.

"God Speed!" by Edmund Blair Leighton (public domain)

Guinevere’s Loves

She didn’t want to love him,

but when his eyes burned

with the fire of his ambition,

her heart softened.

She fell into his ideals and

fell in love with his dreams.


She didn’t want to love him,

but when his eyes burned

with the fire of his desire,

her passion awoke.

She fell into his arms and

fell in love with his soul.


She didn’t want to love them both,

but when their eyes burned

with the fires of jealousy,

her virtue weakened.

She fell into the dark midnight of deceit and,

with her honor,

the kingdom fell to dust.

© L.A.L. 2001

"The Accolade" by Edmund Blair Leighton (public domain)


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OctPoWriMo Day 23 – Water Dance

I’m going rebel.

Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt asks us to consider the vastness of the universe, to observe how tiny parts fit together to create a greater whole. I’ll work on that, but it’s not likely to show up here today.

One of the sentence prompts on today’s post inspired me more readily, though. I pulled an old draft from my notebook, worked about five different versions of it, and finally settled on a bit of Haiku.

Wet wood bridge

early spring rainstorm —

toes spin on slippery wood

across the wet bridge

© L.A.L. 2015


And then I decided to add a bonus – just a short poem from a few years ago brought to mind by the OctPoWriMo blog post title today.

water-waterfall-roaring-flood-rhine-falls CC0

I trudge on

through this strange year of rain,

a perfect drop of hope

carried by the roar of the flood.

© L.A.L. 2001


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OctPoWriMo Day 22 – Sacred Store

So OctPoWriMo completely got away from me…

First, a blog malfunction set me back a couple of days. Then I spent a few days trying to recover from the blog malfunction. Then I got a cold. Then we went away for a couple of days. Then… You know…the stuff of life.

I’ve given up on the lofty idea of catching up on every single day I’ve missed, but I have been penning more poetry lately. So that’s good and I’ll do my best to share for the remainder of the month.

For today, a previously-released poem about watching my child grow…



Sacred Store

These moments of yours are sacred

each and every one

a precious piece of all that is you.

Happy, sad, singing, yelling, laughing,  fighting –

all part of all that you are

and all that you are yet to be.


You move much too fast for me,

fighting to grow.

I can hardly savor the moments,

never mind try to store each one,

remembering every detail

and sorting every memory

into exactly the right place in my heart.

Happy, sad, singing, yelling, laughing, fighting –

all fall into place.


A moment will come when you walk

a little farther away from me,

ready to take on the world

with all of the wonderful – beautiful – strong that you are

until you come home again and again

And each time I will hold within me

my sacred store

of all that is you.

© L.A.L. 2014


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OctPoWriMo Day 4 – Magic

Today we’ll go short and sweet with a little haiku.

Most often, when I think of magic, I think of my daughter. Today is no different. Right now, she’s working on a building project – a Lego Elves castle – and quoting spells from the first Harry Potter movie.

See? Magic.

She speaks of magic–

of portals, unicorns, elves

Spells fall from her lips.

© L.A.L. 2015



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OctPoWriMo Day Three – The Blank Page

Life exhausts us.

We move

and go

and think

and feel

until we can no longer stand.

Forces pull us.

We move

this way,

that way,

every direction

until there is nowhere to turn.

All inspires us.

We breathe,



devour all that is

until sweet muses demand release.

But words fail us.

We sit,

we stare,

we doubt,

and delay

until the blank page laughs.

And so we resolve…

no distraction,

no insecurity,

no excuses,

until finally all is write.

© L.A.L. 2015


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OctPoWriMo Day 2 – White

So I’m back for day two. So far, so good.

Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt encourages us to “write cinematically,” to convey a visual scene. I don’t know if I’ve done that, but here’s today’s offering…

Photo By Lennart Tange via http://imagefinder.co/

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OctPoWriMo – Day 1 (What Was I Thinking???)

Well, here it is…October first.

When did that happen?

At some point during the last few weeks, I think I decided to give the OctPoWriMo challenge a try. But seriously…thirty-one poems in thirty-one days? I don’t know… But I do know that it’s been far too long since I flexed my poetry muscles, so now is as good a time as any to jump in. Continue reading “OctPoWriMo – Day 1 (What Was I Thinking???)”