Living with a food allergy is always a challenge. Summer brings an extra large helping of outings and gatherings that include food as part of the festivities. But that doesn’t mean you or your child have to be left out of the fun. Join me over at Exhale today where I’m sharing some of our…Continue Reading “Navigating Summer Gatherings with Food Allergies – Exhale”

Friday evenings hold something glorious and exciting.

But when Thursday is the new Friday and the weekend is four days long? That first evening of the weekend is even more thrilling. We’ve had quite a few long weekends since the Hub only had to go into work Tuesdays through Thursdays all summer. So here we are at the end of the first day of our last four day weekend – the last real hurrah before school and September hit full stride…


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It’s party time, kids!

This week we are celebrating the ONE HUNDREDTH Ten Things of Thankful link-up!

Ten Things of Thankful

Ten items every week…one hundred weeks…ten lovely co-hosts…plus everyone else who links each week?

That’s a lot of thankful!

I have been part of the TToT since almost the beginning – I pipped into the link-up at number eleven. This took a bit of digging and a bit of stalking Lizzi’s blog, but I found the first post I linked to the TToT, thanks to an invite from our lovely Dyanne. So there’s number one – I’m thankful for everything that has come from being part of the Ten Things of Thankful gang.

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My disappearance this week was not intentional.

In fact, I had all sorts of great ideas planned for this space – and most were actually in a semi-written state. But somehow the first week back on routine went a little awry and I ended up with a cold to boot. Two of the five school days were delayed starts due to the cold/snow/ice here and two evening events were cancelled or rescheduled for the same reasons. So our week back on routine was anything but.

I got pretty cranky about the whole thing. I didn’t feel well. I only exercised one day – the Cats used the treadmill more than I did. Things that were scheduled did not go as planned. Chores were not done, projects were not started, posts were not written…my list of things that irritated me grew far longer than any list of thankfuls. All of a sudden it’s Friday and nearly time for the TToT so I figured I’d better adjust my attitude and find the positives in my list of irritations.


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This is a first-ever event, friends. I’m linking up with TToT for a second list this weekend!

I’ve seen others do it and wondered, “How in the world do they have two whole lists in that short a time?” Some weeks I have to really stretch my brain to get the first list finished.

But yesterday I spent the day with Kidzilla. And it was awesome. And I realized I have another whole bunch of stuff that I would throw on a TToT list – and so I’m doing it. Not all of these are directly related to the time Zilla and I spent together, but it all sort of wraps up together into a list of lovely things. This one’s a bit lengthy, so hang with us!

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