I swore I wasn’t going to do this.

I was not going to write an end of the year wrap-up post, or a list of my favorite books, or favorite moments of the year. I was not going to make any New Year’s resolutions (aside from the perennial one I make to stop swearing) or post any goals related to weight, writing, water consumption, or anything else. I find the whole concept – much like all of January – just…ugh.


But I have done the word of the year thing for the last few and I definitely liked it. I suppose I didn’t do much with my 2015 word, Progress – at least not here on the blog – so I figured picking a word for 2016 was probably a wasted effort. But it’s not.
Just because I didn’t actively or regularly report on my word doesn’t mean I did not make Progress in many ways throughout the year. And as I recall, I chose Progress as a theme for me, the Hub, and Zilla – whether they liked it or not. In many ways we have all made significant progress in the last year. I’m calling all of that success.

But I’m kind of done with 2015 so let’s move forward, shall we?

See? Progress…

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My Grandfather was one of the wisest men I’ve ever known.

He did not boast a wall full of advanced degrees. He was not a world traveler. He did not discover new planets or develop advanced technology.

But he was a man who gained wisdom through experience and in turn, was glad to pass on those lessons so that others might benefit.

On the day we told my Grandparents we were engaged, my Grandfather had this advice for my new fiancé:

“Son,” he said. “If you remember these three things you will have a long and happy marriage: Yes, dear. I’m sorry, dear. You were right, dear.”

My Grandmother piped in, “He’s right.”

It was all said much in jest, but it has proven to be very sage advice.

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