TToT – The One With All the Snow

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I know, I know. Everyone is tired of hearing about the snow.

Believe me – I am, too.

We got a lot – our official local report is 32 inches, but my back porch says more like 36. Guess we fall in the “locally heavier amounts” area. This was taken around 1:30 PM…


And here’s just two hours later…still well before the end of the storm much later Saturday night.


But no matter the amount, the snow is upon us whether we like it or not so let’s grin and bear it and commence with a snowy round of thankfuls. I promise there will be a bit of light from the snowy darkness by the time we get to the end.

First, I’m thankful it stopped snowing. It’s nice for a while and then your just start thinking all the things, like “is the dryer vent clear?” and “Will the deck hold that much?” and “Where the hell are we going to put all of it when we finally dig out the cars? When you live in a townhome community, this is a genuine concern.

It’s pretty while it falls, though, and during the fall, I was most thankful for being warm and safe with enough food in the house. Perhaps not quite as many “snow day snacks” as we might have purchased in the past, but that was intentional. We stuck to popcorn and homemade chicken noodle soup for the sickies in the house – that would be all of us.

I’m thankful that none of our colds have become anything worse. All three of us have a straight-up lousy winter cold, but no sinus infections, no bronchitis, no pneumonia. I credit the opportunity for plenty of naps and lots of homemade chicken soup and sick tea for helping keep the germ at bay. I’m thankful that I know how to whip up a batch of homemade chicken soup or sick tea when my family needs it.


I am thankful that the rest of my family were warm and safe during the storm and that my brother-in-law made it home safely when he did finally venture out on the roads (even if nobody remembered to call and tell us he made it in…).

I am thankful we did not lose power during the storm. We’ve lost power here during bad storms in the past and being without power for several days was no picnic. I’m glad the lights stayed on this time.

20150110_104852_LLSI am thankful for warm blankets, warm cats, and warm slippers. And warm drinks – hot chocolate, tea, coffee. All of these things are simple comforts during a snowy day. And the Rotten Cats definitely get a mention this week. While lots of people had to go out in the nasty storm to let their dogs do their business – and the poor dogs had to be in the snow to do their business – I was mighty thankful to be cat owner whose Rottens require no outside treks in the snow and just go about their business in the box, as usual. (Which, by the way, I’m happy to report Cat One is doing consistently. Guess the little one-on-one “therapy” sessions he and I are having helps.)

Rotten Cats on Stairs

I am thankful that my Husband handles the hard work of digging us out after a storm. He doesn’t like doing it – who does? But he does it anyway. And as I watched him and the other guys on our street dig everyone out, I thought about all the people who weren’t able to be in their homes safe and warm while it snowed – the people who had to dig out in the midst of it and go to work anyway to keep the rest of us safe. Hospital and ambulance workers, police, fire, and road crews, television news and weather crews. While we’re sitting in our homes watching it all unfold, they’re out there in the midst and deserve our gratitude.

I’m thankful that school is closed tomorrow and we won’t have to think about dealing with snowy back roads and such just yet. Maybe. I’m used to a nice silent house on Mondays…just me and the Rottens getting our week started. Check with me next week on this one. 😉

Finally, I’m thankful for finishing this post. I don’t like doing my TToT on Sundays – for some reason it just doesn’t set well with me. So I’m glad to be finished and now I’m off to return to the rest of the things I have to write and to enjoy the last couple of hours of sunlight over the snowy fields behind us.



Your turn – what are you thankful for this week? What’s your favorite snow day snack? Do you run out and join the milk-bread-eggs panic with the rest of the world? You know the drill – share ’em or link ’em! 

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29 thoughts on “TToT – The One With All the Snow

  1. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Yes, it does look pretty coming down but it is a big pain afterwards. Ever since we were a week without power during the aftermath of Sandy I experience PTSD – Post traumatic Sandy Disorder – everytime there is a storm I fear the power failure because we pump our water and while darkness is no picnic, no water is worse. Hope you all dig out, feel better . Bread, milk, eggs and wine. That’s what I stocked up on.

  2. I love the snow when it’s falling, and when it’s fresh… before it’s dirtied up. We’re house bound when it snows though because it’s impossible to get Littlie’s wheelchair through it. So, as beautiful (and loved) as it is, it’s also a pain in the a***. We’ve not had any, so far, this year. I’m both disappointed…and Thankful. If that makes sense. 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures, but chilling, and I’m glad you were able to stay indoors away from it all. Glad the colds are staying un-worsened. Glad you don’t have to take the Rottens out to poop 🙂

  4. That snow really is beautiful, but I admit that I enjoy looking at yours more than I would if it were mine! We rarely get much snow here, although in 2011 we had a blizzard and got 2 feet. And it took 2 weeks to dig out! We are not prepared for that kind of snow, as three inches will easily cancel schools. Hope the cabin fever doesn’t have you at each other’s throats and that the colds remain only colds.
    p.s. will you come have therapy sessions with MY cats?

    1. Yup – beautiful for a while, and definitely more beautiful when it’s elsewhere! Especially after it gets plowed and dirtied up. 😀
      I can’t imagine what a big snow dump would be like in an area where you’re not used to it. We have enough trouble here and we kind of are.
      Cabin fever’s not too bad. I worked today and Zilla built a Lego thing and the Hub managed the general household duties. And there was sleeping.
      I have no idea if our kittie therapy is actually anything legit but we’ve been really focusing on eliminating what seem to be the triggers that make Cat One do nasty things. It may just be working. Jury’s still out… But if it’s a real success, maybe I should switch careers!

  5. Snow is pretty when it’s softly driftly falling to the ground, but when it piles up too much it is just in the way.
    Something beautiful about it, but I can say that I guess, as we don’t have a lot here in comparison.
    Glad you could stay inside with your family and the cats. I don’t take my dog out in winter. I just let him out in my fenced in yard and let him take care of things, but that means a lot of cleaning up once spring arrives.
    So glad none of your colds are anything worse. Those other illnesses are not fun to have at all.
    I know what you mean. I felt the same way when I was writing my post last night, like I just wanted it to be finished, but glad I did it in the end.
    Love your snow thankfuls this week and glad to hear you and your family over vidchat the other night.
    I went unseen, but I heard it all. Enjoy your snow day today.

    1. Yeah we’re definitely at “in the way” stage. Our development’s roads got plowed but they did not do the sidewalks (something the management company usually handles). No idea what’s up with that but it’s a major pain. No school today. Hub and Zilla are about to venture out to karate class so he’ll get a better look at the world beyond our street. Weather report is for lots of fog, black ice, and freezing overnight so who knows what the morning will look like.
      Ah so you were there lurking in the shadows, eh?

      1. Oh yes, I was there.
        I can’t figure out how to show up though. I am in the dark on screen. I need someone sighted here in the moment, to help me find out what the problem is.
        I heard it all though and would happily have showed you the strange thing I can do with my fingers if any of you would have actually been able to see me doing it.
        Hope you guys enjoyed your soup. Sorry we didn’t all stick around long enough to see your return.

  6. Oh, the fear I have of being without power. We’d freeze to death, seeing as how we don’t have a working fireplace or a generator. Why don’t we have a generator??? Not that we’d have enough gas to keep it running for three days… Need to work on getting the fireplace checked out. So glad your power stayed on and you were all safe and cozy and fed at home.
    A snow storm is fun for a day or so. After that it’s just a pain in the behind.

    1. We lost power for several days in a row twice. We still don’t own a generator. I have no idea why. 😀 Probably the same reason – would we even have enough to run it for three days?
      We were home from school today. Kind of waiting to see what tomorrow will bring – news headlines seem to indicate roads are still an issue. Stay tuned.

  7. I’m not tired of them. I am living vicariously through the snow post because we didn’t get any and I’m living vicariously through the snow foods because I didn’t make any. Wonderful that you didn’t loose power, I definitely wouldn’t want that. It’s crappy that you guys are sick AND shut in. That stinks. I think chicken soup is a miracle worker, hoping you’re already feeling better.

    1. I can ship you some snow, Kenya, if you’d like it… 😀
      Chicken soup absolutely is a miracle worker. We had it for dinner Friday night and the leftovers again last night. So good! And yes, I think all three of us are on the upside of this.

  8. big grat on the ‘not losing power’…. that is a most unpleasant experience. (Think about, like your ancestors, they were without power, like all year ’round! and…and! no internet!.
    Luckily it will melt and eventually go away.

  9. I should have included in my TToT how thankful I am to have moved away from the snow!!! It is pretty to watch as it falls and it’s pretty on the ground while still untouched, but the accompanying temperatures?! No, thank you!

    Sorry to hear that the whole family is sick, though glad it’s nothing worse than a cold (knocking on wood). Mind if I ask what your ‘sick tea’ consists of? I have my own version so you’ve got me curious!

    Loved the photo at the end of your post, really beautiful!

    1. My sick tea is one I found years ago – not my own concoction, but certainly my go-to. Three cups of water, three cloves of garlic, sliced open or smashed to release the oils into the water. Bring that to a boil together, then stir in 1/2 cup each of fresh lemon juice and honey. Sip warm several times a day. The honey, lemon, and garlic, all have great natural healing properties (which escape my conscious memory at the moment because I’m multi-tasking like a boss). What’s in yours??? Share, please!
      We’re definitely on the upswing of this cold, thanks to lots of rest, indoor time (by default, because snow), and soup!

  10. I don’t think I’ve really been doing well with the “grin and bear it.” I called a neighbor boy to shovel out my car today because I didn’t think my back could lift that shovel one more time.
    But hey, I ran errands today in Brian’s car, and now both cars are accessible, and the streets are somewhat plowed. Thankfuls!

    1. My poor husband shoveled out our walk, driveway, two cars, plus his parking spot in the community spots because he’s it! There are just no snow-shovelling-age kids around us. We got a real plowing today so our development is clear, minus the sidewalks which the management company did not bother with. Not sure why…
      Some schools here are closed tomorrow; others are delayed. I’m kind of over winter now, thanks.

  11. I love freshly fallen snow but it can feel free to melt completely 24 hours later.
    Here in Dallas, if there is threat of an ice storm (not so much snow), when the grocery store shelves of bread and milk go bare, so will the chips an salsa.

    For me, I need to curl up with a hot cocoa and maybe freshly baked cookies.
    Or soup and warm bread.
    And my favorite afghan blanket with my dog curled up on my feet.

    1. Oh, that’s about how I feel! As soon as I’m done enjoying the gentle falling…MELT! The chips and salsa thing is funny. 😀 Soup and bread are probably my two most favorite things, definitely. But now that you mention cookies…

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