If I Were a Crayon…

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Today Kidzilla makes her guest post writing debut on the blog.

I asked her to help me out with the prompt for this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday post because I was stumped. She’s a budding little writer and, even better, she knows how to edit herself, which she did before she let me post this. What follows is completely her story, from the mouth of babes, as they say, accompanied by her own illustration. I served only as transcriptionist. 


If I were a crayon, my color would be blue. I would be colored with to death because a lot of people use blue to color things like the sky, shirts and pants, all sorts of clothing, water, and the blue part in rainbows and the screens of technology.


I am a boy crayon and I live in a library in the children’s section. There are other crayons, too. Like pink, brown, black, red, green, purple, orange, yellow, gray, and white. We are used by very sweet little boys and girls to draw, color, and create beautiful and wonderful pictures. We are also used for doing fun reading activities that the librarians think of for children to do before they leave while they check books out like creating your own superhero, and making wanted signs for the mean characters in the stories.

Alright, back to me. My name is Mike. Mike the Blue Crayon. Yup, that’s me. Coloring really hurts and I am very dull because I am used a lot. It hurts me because the littler children color with me so hard and rough that I’m so dull and all my crayon gets used on the paper and not left on me and I’m not as sharp as my other fellow crayons.  I am really stubby.


You know, it’s because I am used for like A. LOT. of things. I really love my life even though it hurts when I color with the kids.  Life in the library is really nice. A lot of the other crayons that are shades but like specific shades of those colors are stubby, too, like neon red, pea green, maroon, red-orange, and tan. But I am the stubbiest of them all.  I am used quite a few times in every picture.

I would like to be a professional painter that only uses the color blue. I am thinking about getting a set of my own crayons! And I am also thinking about getting a blue dog for a pet! His name would be Bluie. I want blue sky cupcakes on my birthday every year.

I love my life!!

The End.

(c) AAL 2016


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday prompt.

This week’s sentence is “If I were a crayon…”
Our host, as always, is Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee, and our co-host this week is Alyssa Serben from Babies, Bloodhounds and Booze, Oh My!


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38 thoughts on “If I Were a Crayon…

  1. OMG so um *cough* not that I really um, well, um, told you, um so.. but OMG Zilla did such a SUCH A SUCH an amazing job!!! I love this for all of the suns. When I asked Tucker about it, this is exactly what I’d hoped for. Maybe next year??? Anyway THANK YOU AND PERFECT.

    1. She freaking amazes me. I tossed this to her after she finished her homework this afternoon. She was all over it. Climbed up on my lap at the computer and dictated (then proceeded to correct my typos and edit herself) right off the top of her head. She has SUCH an imagination. It’s scary sometimes.
      Meanwhile, I LOVED Tucker’s answer – about the treasure? That little man has an old soul.

  2. Zilla what a COMPLETELY BEAUTIFUL IMAGINATION you have. I love this. That a crayon in a library would dream of being a famous artist…GORGEOUS 😀

    I think this could be almost the start of something big, if Mike tries to follow his dreams 🙂

  3. Fantastic. Go Zilla. Mike the Blue Crayon needs some self-compassion, I can tell. Blue is the color of the heart, it means caring and loving others. It’s my fave crayon (in all it’s beautiful variations) as well.

  4. Wow. This is very beautiful and wonderful. It made my day. I can’t see blue anymore, but this post about Mike The Blue helped me remember what blue looks like again. Thank you to the both of you.

  5. Oh my goodness – this is fantastic. Why didn’t I think of that? I should have had my daughter write this week’s post – she would have loved it! Well down:)

  6. Oh no. Am I pulling a Barbara Walters?
    Well, it’s true. Would she/you mind if I included the link to this post in my own contribution for the If I Were a Crayon prompt?

  7. Mike the Crayon sounds like an amazing guy, and I hope he gets Bluie as a pet very soon. And Zilla, you are a great writer and illustrator – thanks for taking over for your mom this week!

    1. When she started, I had no idea we would end up with Mike the Blue Crayon telling about his days in the library. I’m always fascinated to see where her stories go. I am more excited than ever to work on our children’s books with her!

  8. Brilliant! What great imagination and I love her illustration too – very talented! (If Mike the Blue Crayon was used by my littlest, he’d be chewed as well as pressed too hard!)

  9. This was just totally wonderful, I smiled all the way through it. I love how much thought Zilla put into this, the good things and bad things about being a blue crayon, and then summarizes that it is a good life. Excellent blog post, I hope we get to hear from her again!

    1. Ah, Josie, my friend…I owe you a blog visit.
      That little (big) brain of Zilla’s is always thinking. Always. She loved dictating the post and already wants to do another so I suppose I’ll have to give her another guest spot. 🙂 I’ll tell her the story made you smile – she will love that!

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