I am standing outside of my comfort zone. It feels good.


Recently, I have put myself and my writing “out there” for others to see, to critique, and to share. I am thankful that I had the courage to do it and I am thankful for the feedback I’ve received. I am thankful for inspiration to write and when that is not present, I am thankful for writing prompts.

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I grew up with Mr. Rogers.

And I am not ashamed to to tell you that the gray in my hair means I watched his show back when there was no gray in his.

I loved Mr. Rogers. I loved everything about his show from his silly opening song to his cardigan sweater and sneakers to the Land of Make Believe. That was a cool place, wasn’t it? A secret kingdom somewhere behind the photo on his living room wall? A world where people learned how to treat one another with kindness, dignity and respect?

I would live there.

Fred Rogers Kind

But why does a world like that have to be make believe? Why can’t a world like that exist? Fairy tales and make believe aren’t so terrible, if you ask me.

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It’s here!

It’s Wednesday and time to share the cool surprise I’ve been hinting at all week.

Today, friends, I am doing my first-ever guest blog post!


Sorry – I just had to pick myself up off the floor. This is just so cool.

Today you can find me over at Pat DiCesare’s blog, ConcertPat.com. Pat DiCesare is a concert promoter, songwriter, author, and entrepreneur whose career spans several decades in the music industry. I’m delighted to be sharing his space to talk about the importance of music in our lives.

Beatles Blog Tour Image 2

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Sometimes I have more emotions than I can handle.

This week has been a particularly emotional roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs. Just about the time I thought things were moving along well, BOOM! Life throws those twists and loops in when you least expect them.


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I would love to write something profound and witty for you today.

In the interest of efficiency and a need for a good night’s sleep, however, I’m opting for simple. In the next few days, I will be rolling out some changes for the blog and I wanted you to have a bit of a heads-up. Let’s just say I’m doing some work on my One Word for the year – progress – among other things.

For now, let me give you just a bit to get started…

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I have been the victim of a smoothie scandal.

OK, it was not exactly a scandal, but it could have been for like five minutes.

Remember a couple of months ago I did a post about Williams Sonoma asking me to be part of their Smoothie Week? Well I was of course flattered and kind of floored that anyone would actually notice my little blog, so I did the post and that, as they say, was that. I never heard another word.

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Sometimes it’s nice to take a look at where we’ve been.

Every now and then I take a look through photo albums, old letters, piles of filing in my office that need to be handled…but I haven’t done much backward observation here on my blog. Today’s as good a day as any, so come along with me and let’s visit the ghosts of blog posts past…

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Words, words everywhere and not a one to post.

I have been writing my little fingers off lately. Truly. The lack of posts here tells a different tale. Granted, I did admit the other day that much of the writing has been going elsewhere, off the blog. But still. I don’t like when this space sits empty.


I’ve felt rather bothered for the greater part of today. Bothered perhaps by the fact that I have all these words and none that I want to call complete enough to hit that publish button. It’s not that they’re complicated or profound or anything else. They’re just…incomplete.

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The Internet swallowed me.

It seriously did. I hopped on the social media bandwagon and then…overwhelm. So many people – so many good people – to meet. And so many really amazing things to read. I couldn’t keep up. So I buried my head in the sand, stepped back, and said “whoa.” I am truly so excited to “meet” and talk with so many great bloggers. I just feel like I can’t possibly read everything, tweet everything, follow everybody…yikes!

I’ll get there. Baby steps.

I love what it’s doing for the #1000Speak campaign, though. There is so much good out there and to see it all come through that Facebook page…it’s also overwhelming, but in a whole different way. A good way.


So while the Internet was gnawing on me, I was writing my little fingers off. Not posting any of it, mind you, but writing my little fingers off. It’s all coming, I promise. Well some of it – a lot of the writing is for the books, not the blog. But I still owe you a smoothie story and the two soups. I’m way behind on Soup of the Week. I have some more of Kidzilla’s wisdom to share, and lots more in process in the drafts box.

So here’s what’s been happening around here this week. The thankfuls are all here…

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So I’ve had this blog for a couple of years now.

I’m not even going to pretend that I understand most of the technical part of how it works. But I’m willing to poke around and look things up and read about whatever it is that I need to do. This usually works pretty well.

There are, however, a few things that I just don’t understand about my blog. I’ve tried to figure these out, but I’m coming up blank. And I’m really frustrated because I can’t get my blog to behave the way I want it to.

I don't get it.So perhaps some of you out there can help me. I’ve met a lot of great bloggers in the last couple of years. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been introduced to even more. Surely someone out there has some experience with this stuff.

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