I have tried for days to write this post.

I have wanted to write this post for months. I practiced it in my head. OK, I had one line down, but still. This should not have been the post that I struggled to write. It kind of bothers me because rarely, if ever, do I struggle to find words to say something. Why now?

I was thinking about it all wrong. I was trying to tell the story by looking behind me, explaining what has led to this moment, this decision, and focusing on the doors that have been closed. But none of that matters, really, because this isn’t about what came before. This is about what is yet to come.

Allow me to digress for a moment. It’s relevant, I promise.

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I feel like I should have a whole lot more to list here this week and somehow I’m struggling to remember what to add. I’m also struggling with a good title and so please notice the lame one I’ve settled for. Since I’ve already missed half the weekend, I  guess I’ll just go with what comes to mind and hope the Guard Virgins will give me a fast pass this week…

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It’s amazing how one thing – a scent, a sound – can transport you back in time to a memory you didn’t even know you had…

Sunday’s weather was glorious – warm, but not too hot. The sky was blue and filled with puffy white clouds – the kind that look like beautifully huge cotton balls or perfectly white cotton candy. A slight breeze stirred, carrying all the wonderful smells of an early summer afternoon in the window…

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This is my long-promised Rotten Cat story.

Before we begin, please be assured that none of us makes a habit of intentionally scaring the Rotten Cats. This incident happened quite by accident. And while it is indeed unfortunate that the poor Rotten Boys were frightened, the result was pretty hysterical.

This is a Rotten Cat. Cat Two, to be specific.


Isn’t he sweet sitting there looking up at me with his little Rotten Cat eyes?

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Intrigued by Mama Kat’s prompt about what was on my blog one year ago, I decided to check it out. The closest date in my archives was December 4th. The topic? Yurts.

Seriously, yurts. Check it out – http://www.themeaningofme.com/your-what-hurts/.  I’ll hang out here while you read and learn about yurts.

So back to Mama Kat’s prompt – What were you blogging about a year ago today? What has changed?

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