I’m pretty sure I only served one or two detentions in school.

I was a “good kid.” I was a teacher’s kid, for crying out loud. There was really no option where in-school conduct was concerned – if you did something bad and your parent was a teacher, they knew all about it before your butt ever hit the front seat of the car.

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Sometimes life gets away from me.

It’s kind of like an unruly dog. He snaps the leash and takes off running. I chase after him, the world a blur as it whizzes by…

Life speeding by...

A few weeks ago, I did a post that included quite a bit of food. In that post, I mentioned that I almost scrapped the post because I battled with myself over whether or not to post it at all. I promised to elaborate on that and so here it is – confession time.

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What did we ever do without Google?

I find it simply fascinating that Googl-ing is verb – as in to Google something.  Ask a question to which no one in the near vicinity knows the answer and some wise soul will suggest that you “Google it” to find the answer.

I like verbs. I like doing.  People really should, in the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, endeavor to “be up and doing” so that we might labor, live, and learn well.

And so, in an effort to give this wonderful new verb a fair shake, I Google fairly often when I want to learn the answer to something quickly. For example…

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Can’t lie. Despite my much-needed afternoon off, I am still feeling a bit whirlwindish.

Yes, that’s a word. English majors are allowed to make up words whenever it suits them. It’s in the handbook.


It’s Thursday so I’m joining Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop again. This week I opted for the easy prompt. (Told you…can’t lie.) One of the prompts was to share a favorite fall recipe. Well, I have way too many of those to choose only one.  So I decided to go with something that has earned an instant place as a new family favorite.

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Know that saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same?”  It’s actually a French proverb, attributed to French novelist Alphonse Karr.

An often-debated topic is whether people can actually change or whether a person’s nature is constant throughout his or her life.

In considering this question, I thought of several things about my Self that are either the same – or different – than they were at some other point in my life.  Some things reach back into the far recesses of memory and childhood; others only as far as last week.  In each case, I found myself wondering what, really, was any different than it is today?

For example…

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