Earlier this month, I wrote a post inspired by a Mama Kat’s prompt about “My Crush” – the Fab Hub. This week, when one of Kat’s prompts was to write fifteen reasons why I am awesome, I suggested to the Fab Hub that he should write that post for me.

He did.

Please welcome the Fab Hub to the blog today!


Before I begin, there are two disclaimers that I must make:

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Every now and then the Fab Hub suggests that I write a post about how awesome he is. I honestly don’t know if he’s totally serious or kidding because he thinks I won’t actually do it.

Sometimes, though, an opportunity presents itself and you just gotta take it.

The Fab Hub is indeed awesome for many reasons. I probably don’t tell him that often enough. And I’m sure I don’t tell him often enough that nearly twelve years later, I still have a terrible crush on him.

Why? Happy to tell you…

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I love quotes. I love words in general, but quotes are the best.

When I was a kid, I read every single “Quotable Quotes” section in the Readers Digest every single month. Loved them.

I still love quotes. They are like snack-sized bites of wisdom. Need a quick fix? Have one. Need more? Keep going until you’ve had your fill.

I will often grab a quote that crosses my path at just the right moment and stick it on a Post-It somewhere obvious – or on Pinterest, of course. When I write a letter or a card, I often look for just the right quote to include for the recipient for that particular occasion.

Given the opportunity to consider some of my favorites, I submit the following:

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My Mom always says, “Half of being smart is knowing what you’re dumb at.”

How true.

And the older I get, the smarter Mom gets, of course. Maybe it’s just that as we mature, we realize that our parents actually do know what they’re talking about. They do have all that experience they lay claim to and they actually have learned from it.  Perhaps it is that as we mature, we realize that we don’t actually know as much as our younger selves believed. Maybe it’s a combination. If what Mom said is true, maybe as we grow, we are smart enough to realize that we simply don’t know it all. Nor should we.

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