I had a dream the other night. It was about eggs.

Yes, eggs.

I dreamt that I found two eggs fallen from a tree – miraculously unbroken – and returned them gently and safely to the nest. That was pretty much the whole thing, but it was vivid. I asked the Hub what he thought and he immediately offered an interpretation. We decided that the dream was about potential and things to come and nurturing those ideas so that they come to maturity.

I like the idea of hopes and dreams being realized. And I like that we are coming (finally) out of the throes of winter and moving slowly into spring. I have to say slowly because we had snow here this week and rather cold temps at night. Like life, I suppose, all good things take time. A lot of time. Happily, though, we have had a hint or two more that things may be moving along for us. And so we continue to hold onto that hope.

With early spring comes spring holidays.  Around here we celebrate and observe Easter and Passover so we have a week full of holiday traditions, both old and new.

Considering Zilla’s food dye sensitivities, I thought it might be prudent to explore other options for dying our Easter eggs. Happily, I stumbled on a lovely option using melted crayons that I found on Pinterest quite by accident. I thought why not? Zilla always has tons of crayons and so we thought we’d give it a try. Tell you what – this worked great! The post and tutorial come from SAS Interiors. The tutorial is clear and simple and the eggs turned out perfectly. We were able to add fun details to our eggs that you just can’t get with a Q-Tip and food coloring.


We have hosted a traditional Seder meal here in the past. While we did not this year, we are still enjoying some of the Hub’s favorite foods. One of his favorites is charoset,  a sweet “paste” (which is not the most appetizing description, I know) made with fruit, nuts, spices, and red wine. We use that as part of the Seder to make a Hillel sandwich with morar (usually horseradish) and matzah. For some less traditional options, charoset is great over vanilla ice cream and leftovers make a great smoothie starter. Thanks to Amy at What Jew Wanna Eat for the smoothie idea last year!

I’m roasting a chicken today and will use the carcass for homemade chicken broth later. Homemade broth has to be one of the greatest things I ever learned how to make in my kitchen. I love that by using the ends and peels of veggies we waste less, but the fact that it’s made at home with love and we know precisely what’s in it is even better. It really feels good to use that in soups and other meals.

The Hub has also requested matzah ball soup because it’s just awesome. Quite possibly the best way to enjoy matzah during Passover. Of course, matzah pizza is a pretty fun idea and we may try matzah nachos before the week is over – thanks again to Amy.

For me, Easter isn’t quite Easter without a whole bunch of devilled eggs. I’m taking some to my family’s Easter dinner on Sunday – three ways! There will be my famous traditional devilled eggs, of course, but we also love Fat Guacamole Devils and this year I’m trying a few devilled with red horseradish. If I feel really ambitious, I may just make a few for the center of the plate that look like chicks hatching from their eggs. We’ll see.

Zilla and I will head to morning Mass in our Easter finest to hear the children’s choir sing tomorrow. Later we will spend the afternoon with family. Zilla is looking forward to an egg hunt and spending time playing with her cousins.

Zilla has the house decorated with dozens of Easter bunnies. I think she pulled every chick and rabbit out of her stuffed animal collection as well as some decorative ones she recently acquired from my Mom and all of her Easter crafts from school. We have bunnies and chicks everywhere! It’s so fun to watch her enjoy putting them all over the house and it’s pretty hard not to get caught up in her excitement.


Zilla requested pink tulips for the dining room table and I found some at the market this week – they are stunning and she has enjoyed them all week. Tulips

I’m also glad to have found a spring wreath for the front door – the Hub wouldn’t take the Christmas one down until we found a replacement and the neighbors were starting to wonder, I think.

20140419_130307[1] So it’s been a week full of the promise of spring. I wasn’t counting, so I have no idea if I have ten things in here. I’m pretty sure I do, though – positive feelings about our future, family, food, fun, successful Pinterest projects, Easter bunnies, Passover food, devilled eggs, celebrating the Israelites’ escape from slavery in Egypt and the joy of Christ’s Resurrection all at the same time…and so much more.

I am so thankful and so happy to see our dreams starting to unfold and spring beginning to bloom.

We have much to be thankful for. Always.

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and Happy Spring to all of you!


Ten Things of Thankful
Lisa A. Listwa is a self-employed writer with experience in education, publishing, and the martial arts. Believing there was more to life than punching someone else’s time clock and inspired by the words of Henry David Thoreau, she traded her life as a high school educator for a life as a writer and hasn’t looked back. She is mother to one glorious handful of a daughter, wife to the nicest guy on the planet, and reluctant but devoted owner of three Rotten Cats. You can find her adventures and thoughts on living life deliberately here on the blog.

35 thoughts on “TToT – Dreams of Spring

  1. I love hubs interpretation of that dream. How hopeful. Most of mine are drug induced (prescribed) and they are very strange. Makes me really question my sanity.
    I had no idea that she was severely allergic to dyes. Holy crap. Everything has dye in it. Even things you don’t think of has dye in it. I started being more conscious of what is in the foods we buy and man…it’s awful. I can’t even pronounce some of them.
    I do love that you found that egg-cellent alternative…I couldn’t resist.
    That food sounds absolutely yummy…recipes please 🙂

    1. Ha – that was an egg-stra good joke, Kimberly. Too good to pass!
      Yes, dyes are everywhere. My favorite find so far has been pickles – pickles??? Yup – yellow 5 and 6.
      I can do recipes – I’ll try and get to them this week. Some – like the horseradish and guacamole deviled eggs – are linked to the page where I found them.

  2. WOW the guac eggs sound gorgeous. And I love your easter wreath. That’s really beautiful.

    I’m glad the dream felt affirming and lovely. And vivid is usually good 🙂

    Happy Easter

    1. Oh the guac devils are awesome – a bit hit at all our parties. I will have to get the photos tomorrow when I put them together. I have nowhere to store assembled eggs in my fridge!
      The dream was pretty striking – definitely.

  3. What a beautiful wreath, love it! And Zilla seems to have a great taste in flowers. I got into a conversation with a lady in town today as I was sitting on a bench watching the girls play. She was there with her little baby grandson, and he LOVED the tulips around. What a sweet little guy! Have a great celebration. The food sounds yummie, so enjoy 🙂

  4. Your crayon eggs turned out beautiful! And you didn’t have to deal with that vinegar smell from the egg dye? Even better!
    Love Zilla’s bunnies all over the house. She’s so much fun!
    I need to be better about saving scraps and making my own broth; it IS so much better!
    I’m with Zilla – tulips are one of my favorite flowers!
    Have a happy Easter!

    1. Aren’t those eggs awesome? We are so pleased with the result. And yes, much better than the vinegar smell. Bad enough when we clean the coffee pot and shower head. 😛
      The homemade broth is my favorite thing. I just made my first ever roasted chicken (I know…nearly 44 years old and I’ve never roasted a chicken.) It was awesome and now I have all that great skin and carcass nonsense to make broth. Off to do that now!
      Have a happy Easter, too!

  5. Wow, I think Hub nailed it with that interpretation! I, among many, am hoping those eggs hatch safely and healthily.

    You know, I pinned that crayon tip after you did, and we tried it today. It WAS great! We still did some traditional ones because I like to make some comemorative eggs with just the shell. I was also thinking of doing some natural dye ones, but I didn’t get organized enough in advance. So it goes…

    Love your spring wreath. Not kitschy, just pretty.

    1. I was ready to go onion skins and beets to avoid the dyes, but this crayon method was awesome. And look at me doing a little crafty thing – wait till I post my headband holder craft! 😀
      The wreath is exactly right – I didn’t want bunnies and colored eggs on it. My sister had the same one on her door last week and we shop at the same market so I grabbed one for us the other night. And since it’s not specifically “Easter” we can hang on to it through spring until we’re ready for the Memorial Day one!

  6. Every year we try out a new egg dye… I prefer to go au natural’ … this year we used parsley leaves secured to the egg and boiled the eggs as usual but with the skins from red onions… fabulous purplish red dye job and get an imprint from the leaf! Very cool… I love the crayon method! you can make all kinds of pictures… we also buy the natural food dyes and do finger print eggs… of course you have colorful fingers for a few days but it doesnt rub off on anything else so thats okay I guess! Glad everything is coming together. Have a great Easter… I am off to read up on those guacie eggs!

    1. I almost did the onion skins and beets thing – I love how yours sound! So pretty! Maybe we’ll try those net year.
      The guac eggs are fantastic – probably my favorite way to do them.
      Happy Easter!

  7. I love matzoh pizzas. They are my favorite Passover meal!

    Your new wreath is beautiful! There is the added benefit that you are now not the only one in the neighborhood with Christmas decorations still up.

  8. The eggs turned out great! Considering the tubs of crayons I have around here and not a single “colorer” left to use them, I think I will give this a try.

  9. Have a Happy Easter (it, seems to me, almost safe to feel that Winter is behind us) but I am not certain enough to write that without parentheses.

  10. Happy Easter, Passover and (hopefully, finally) Spring! The eggs made with melted crayons look really cool – we might have to try that. They’re so original looking. Here’s to yummy food, chicken broth made with love at home, and matzo ball pizza! MMM!

    1. Ooh, that’s a good one to make sure they know! Hadn’t thought of that. Of course, being forced to choose only one…so hard! But I do think you are probably right about the homemade broth. Happy Easter to all of you as well!

  11. Your Easter eggs look great! We need to try that egg thing next year. Since we start with brown and green eggs, the colors can be a bit off. It makes it exciting, though, to see what will come out of the cup. 🙂

    So many pretty things in your life this week.

    I’m glad to hear things are moving in the right direction for your family.

    1. You know, we always have brown eggs here but I bought a dozen white just for the purpose of Easter egg colors. Since the crayon works so nicely, maybe next year we’ll just stick with the brown and see what happens!

      Things seem to be moving along…hoping that continues and we get some actual resolution to a few things very soon!

  12. Oh what a LOVELY list of thankfuls- I can’t get over how beautiful those eggs are!! And thank you for sharing so much of your precious life and how you celebrate both holidays- both sacred- and all the details in each. I am so thankful for your HOPE and your promise of such a wonderful future. That just makes me smile, and warms my heart, my friend.

    God bless YOU on this Easter Sunday. And God always be with YOU sweet friend!

  13. What a beautiful dream. The whole post is full of gratitude and promise. Just what I needed to hear today.

    I love charoset. Only had it a few times with friends who included us in their Passover Seder. So much beauty in a meal. I can only imagine how charoset would taste on vanilla ice cream. *begins to drool*

    1. Ah, glad it was a good read for you!
      I make my charoset with dried cherries and that is definitely good over ice cream! The Seder really is a lovely meal. Kind of missed having one this year – with just the three of us, we did a very mini version over the course of the week, I guess!

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