TToT – You Have GOT to be Kidding Me.

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I’m definitely still in recovery mode here.

A little background: Zilla, the Hub, and I all went down hard with the dreaded flu the Friday before Valentine’s Day. (Yes, the actual flu.) (Yes, I had a flu shot. We all had flu shots.) Both of them are back up and running and have been for quite some time. The Hub with his Immune System of Steel was ready to go back to work by Monday already but I nagged persuaded him to stay out one more day until he was a full 24 hours past the fever. Zilla was feeling human again by Thursday of that week and returned to school that Friday. Then we had a nice long weekend during which everyone should have been able to drink tea and rest some more, catch up on work, and get back to regular life.

Not so much the case for me. My flu, naturally, morphed into bronchitis. (Everything I get morphs into bronchitis. If you know me even a little bit, you know this is true.) Then I lost my voice because of all the coughing and wheezing and bronchitis-ing. I am certain my Husband enjoyed this phase, although he insists he loves hearing the sound of my voice. (If I were my husband I’d be mildly grateful for the silence, but OK, Hon, whatever you say.) Anyway, I’ve spent the last week (again) battling the bronchitis and fatigue and coughing till you pee yourself and all that other great stuff. (TMI?)

This weekend, I was starting to feel a bit more human. My voice was starting to recover. I wanted to clean my filthy, germy house. If you know me even a little bit you know that I never want to clean my house, so you can deduct that either A) it was that filthy and germy that even I can’t stand it or B) I was just that fed up with being sick. Truth is it was C) Both A and B.

Anyway, after the requisite argument about whether the Hub has a bad attitude about Saturday cleaning marathons or I’m misinterpreting his “thinking mode” while he’s “planning how to accomplish things” as bad attitude, we got to work and managed to whip the place into reasonably clean and healthy shape. We cleaned bathrooms – even the tubs (which seriously seems like a waste of time to me, but whatever). We cleaned floors. We cleaned counter tops. We even have clean window tracks – you know the part at the bottom where all the icky black winter gunk collects? Yeah. That. We had some. Gone. And we even had plenty of time to sit and play an extended game of Heroscape with Zilla.

But I digress.

Yesterday I woke up feeling like hammered shit. Again. I decided I just overdid it with the cleaning. (See why I avoid this as often as possible? It’s detrimental to your body.) I managed to pull it together and make it to the last Mass of the morning with Zilla, but felt awful all the way through. When we got home, I kept on feeling lousy. By Zilla’s bedtime, I was done for – completely exhausted, achy, and generally miserable. I went to bed early after a typical conversation with my mom in which she insists I need to see a doctor and I insist that there is absolutely no point because really, what’s the doctor going to do? Tell me I have RA and I’m recovering from the flu and bronchitis and I way overdid it on the cleaning? She does not need my $20 copay that bad. I need that $20. For cough drops and stuff.

Today I still feel pretty much like shit but more like regular shit than the hammered version. Still exhausted and fatigued, still achy and feeling sort of mildly chill-ish and flu-like, lots of sneezing and nose blowing, and mildly nauseous. But no fever, no coughing, no wheezing. And lots of irritation. Truly all I could think today was, “Seriously? Still sick? Or again sick? You have GOT to be F**king kidding me!

Doctor’s office is open until 8 tonight. No, I did not make an appointment. For what? So she can tell me I probably have a new version of the creeping crud? Or that I have a stomach virus? Either way she gets $20 bucks and I get sent home with the “just has to run its course” diagnosis. When I talk to my mom tonight, she’ll give me grief for not going. But I promise if I develop even half a degree of fever or don’t feel any better by morning, I’ll call and go tomorrow. Really.

So that’s life here. Where’s the thankfulness in all of this? (Finally, you’re thinking…I know.) I actually have a bunch.

I am extremely thankful – which I’ve said before – that at no point did any of us develop pneumonia or become sick enough to end up in the hospital.

I’m thankful for the Hub’s Immune System of Steel and that Zilla appears to have inherited that little genetic trick from him. They are both up and running at full capacity. In general, they don’t get very sick very often. One of us in the house with a lousy immune system is plenty, thank you, so I’m very glad they both have a hardy one.

I am thankful that my mom nags the crap out of me about seeing a doctor when I’m sick. She’s a call the doctor right away person. I’m all about knowing symptoms and knowing my body and handling it at home whenever possible. It’s a simple generational difference thing, I’m sure. But I’m mighty glad that Mom is alive and well and therefore around to bug me about whether or not I need to see a doctor. It’s a good thing.

I am thankful for the most amazing donuts on the planet from the most amazing bakery on the planet. We had our faschnauts a few days early since I happened to find the exact ones I wanted from the amazing bakery at our farmer’s market on Saturday. Win.

I am thankful for beautiful sunsets that light the sky on fire.

I am rather pleased with the cleanliness of the house after our Get The Germs Out binge on Saturday. It feels good to have the house back in the realm of clean at least, even if it’s not uncluttered. That’s a project for another day. And my horrible messy office? Forget it. I can’t even.

And despite my extended recovery phase this last week, we still managed to eat regular cooked-at-home food and not resort to takeout. Well, except for on game night, but pizza just goes with game night. We had spaghetti and meatballs one night, tacos and Spanish rice at one point, seven-layer burritos another night, Mexican ablondigas soup yesterday (I’m sensing a theme), and tonight it’s homemade Reuben and Rachel sandwiches – affectionately known here as “Dad sandwiches” because they’re the Hub’s favorite. The soup was really delicious – check it out over at The Lemon Bowl. Great recipes there!

A little update: Tonight’s “Dad Sandwiches.” So good.

Speaking of food, it’s time to get dinner on the table so I’m out. See you here for TToT next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you that I’m healthy as a horse and have been up dancing the Fandango every day.

No idea where that came from. Clearly, I need to get well and get out of the house.


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13 thoughts on “TToT – You Have GOT to be Kidding Me.

    1. It’s very cool, Kelly. We love any kind of card, board, or tabletop games and now that our daughter is getting older, the possibilities we can explore are endless! We’re moving out of “baby” game range (finally) and into big kid stuff. Yay!
      Hope everyone gets over those colds!

  1. I was so relieved to see that today you are at least feeling well enough to string a few words together, that’s a good sign. But I sure feel for the extended sickness you’ve been putting up with. Nothing is more dreary than always feeling lousy and just when you think you’re better it’s back. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just a temporary setback and within a day or two you’ll be up and running… carefully. I’m sure your mother scolded you for the cleaning marathon so soon after recovery (ask my daughter, we have to do these things, it’s in the mother handbook 🙂

    And look at you, you still found time to count your blessings this week! A clean house does feel wonderful, and your fiery sunset was amazing! I am so glad that your hubby and Zilla recovered quickly, less stress for you, and I had to chuckle at him saying that he misses your voice when you lose it. I used to lose mine at least once a season, and no one seemed to find it a bad thing. 🙂 You did awesome at still getting healthy meals together too, and family time with Zilla as well. I’m betting The Rottens also were counting thankfuls, lots of people home and resting so they had plenty of snuggle time! 🙂 Prayers for a better week ahead, thank you so much for joining us, we’d miss you if you didn’t!

    1. I feel OK, Josie, but yet…not OK. Truly yesterday and today I feel mildly flu-ish again, for lack of a better way to describe it. I had some dinner, but not much. Heading to bed pretty much right after Zilla again tonight. And my mom does not get to scold for the cleaning because she had her own cleaning marathon this weekend. 😀 She also had this flu – bad. In fact, she’s the one who passed it to all of us. Just a case of very coincidentally bad timing. All three of us happened to be in her presence during the two hours she was starting symptoms and went down with it. By 48 hours later, all three of us were in bed, too. Kind of bizarre.
      Even in the midst of all of us being sick together and then the two of them better with me still at half capacity, we managed to keep life going. As for the Rottens, well, they were wonderfully helpful with snuggling while we were all home. But. On Mondays when everyone goes to work and school and it’s just me and cats, they sleep all day to recover from all the people-ing they did on the weekend. So. When we were home sick for a full weekend, then all week long, and then a long weekend after that? They lost two Mondays of sleep fest. 😀 So by the time Zilla and Hub went back to school on Tuesday last week, they slept all day Tuesday AND all day Wednesday before I saw their little eyeballs. They’re so funny.:D
      Thanks for the prayers – I’ll take them gladly! And I’m glad to join in, too. I LOVE the extended hours so I can just be happy doing my TToT on Mondays plus I’d miss all of you terribly. So I’m glad this is working out. <3

    1. Yes, so do I! I’ve been in bed since Zilla went to sleep with what honestly feels like another round of flu symptoms. Not nearly as awful as the initial illness but definitely flu-like. I’d really love to be done with all of it. Going to try and sleep.

  2. The answer was C – I knew it. I’m so sorry you are still SICK. I know you hate not feeling well, but you sure did find some gratitude here and there. I’m thinking very soon it is your turn not to be sick, but WELL!

    1. Definitely C, Val. Definitely. I admit that I am not a fan of cleaning but I do it well enough to keep the place clean and healthy. I gave up on tidy and uncluttered years ago. 😀 But with all three of us down, nothing got done and it was showing. So at least now that’s in place. I feel a little better today so that’s positive. I’m going with the theory that I’m on the upswing because for crying out LOUD I can’t possibly handle any more germs. Trying to respect my body and not push too hard. That’s a challenge for me. Thanks for the well wishes – hopefully next week I’ll talk all about how great I feel!

  3. First, I hope you get better soon. I know what it is to be sick of being sick. 😛 I used to lose my voice when I was teaching in the classroom and it was awful. And I’d never quite get better for 2-3 weeks and then I’d get some kid-cold again. Schools. Petri dishes. And I’m the agar. LOL.
    I once went to the doctor (cuz otherwise I try to never go…) after having a sore throat and no voice for the better part of two weeks. I’d been drinking orange spice tea with apple cider vinegar, honey, and cayenne pepper.
    The doc (after I was humiliated and made to wear a mask like I was contagious – maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t, but it guaranteed that I’d never return for a problem like this) said, well, keep resting your voice and drinking that tea. Bam. $15 copay. Gee, thanks.
    So, I’m with you. I heal up at home.
    Now, be careful with going to Mass – especially during Lent, lol. That incense gets intense. 😀
    Oh – happy Mardi Gras! Haha.
    In any case, glad that Zilla and your husby have immune systems of steel. 🙂 Glad you got to clean – even if it set you back because being sick in a clean house, I think, is a little more fun than being sick in a not-clean house. Haaa…I think I need to sweep the floors. It’s only been…well, I don’t remember the last time I swept. Shhh. 😉
    May you recover quickly and get back to normal. Hugs.

    1. That used to happen to me when I was teaching ALL THE TIME! I’d be sick, I’d push to come back because you know, it’s expected that you never stay home, and then I’d be voiceless for weeks until…the next gross kid germ. A never-ending cycle. I definitely don’t miss that. But having a kid in school and a husband who works in that school…yeah, they bring me all the germs. I try very hard to keep my immune system working efficiently (no easy task with the RA) but this winter has been ridiculous. And your doctor story is precisely why I do my reading and do home care as much as possible. But like my husband said just the other night. When I decide I DO need a doctor it’s because I’m really bad or it’s beyond the scope of home care and I just need the prescription.
      My lungs do not enjoy the incense at Mass.
      I was so tempted to get faschnauts again today, but we had ours over the weekend and it’s definitely out of the way to go. So yeah. We had french fries after school for our Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Faschnaut Day treat. 😀
      Well, tonight is Zilla’s no-activities night so we’re going to get some homework done and then relax. Oh, and dinner is ALREADY MADE so that’s awesome. Thanks for the hugs – hugs help! <3

  4. UGH I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick for so long! Yuck. Tell me about Heroscape. It looks a little like Minecraft but played IRL which sounds awesome. Also “Dad sandwiches” look yummy! Is it corned beef or pastrami or what? (I don’t like corned beef but LOVE some turkey pastrami). So hoping you’re healthy as a horse (is that a weird expression? I mean, horses get sick…) and dancing the fandango! LOL 🙂 But really, SO hope you feel better soon. I’ve got a good recipe for taco chile that I got from my SIL if you’d like it. We love it and even Tucker will eat it!

    1. Healthy as a horse is definitely an expression. But weird. I’m not so good just yet – this is now a sinus infection. It needs to go away…
      Heroscape…I guess there’s a Minecraft element to it, but yet not really. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I don’t know why. It’s super fun and I bet Tucker would like it. Takes some patience though – it’s not a fast play. We spent a long afternoon playing.
      Taco chili sounds great and yes, please send it. With her new karate and swim schedule I need tons of things I can do in a crock pot. Can you do that in a crock pot?
      I’m going to get back to you about Heroscape.

    2. Forgot about the Dad Sandwiches. It’s neither, actually. We use a combo of chipped roasted turkey breast, hard salami, and chipped ham with either Swiss or Muenster cheese, coleslaw and Thousand Island dressing (homemade both). So good.

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