TToT – A (Sick) Day of Rest

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I don’t know if I’ve had the everlasting upper respiratory cold or several one right after another.

Either way, I’ve been dealing with this nonsense since about New Year’s Day and I’ve had just about enough. I figure I’ll finally ditch the winter cold junk just in time for the spring allergy nonsense.

I’m trying not to be cranky about that…




So let’s turn our thoughts to ones of thankfulness instead.

While it’s true that I’ve been fighting some kind of upper respiratory thing for what feels like forever, I am thankful for plentiful home remedies to relieve symptoms, a husband who is always right there to remind me to take care of myself, and (in some cases) a good dose of antibiotics. And nasal rinse. I am very thankful I have rediscovered nasal rinse. I’m thankful for warm drinks in big mugs and huge boxes of tissues.

Zilla has been doing so well lately. She earned her third stripe on her belt in karate; later this month she’ll be able to test for her next belt. She’s doing well in school and just in general. She had one not-so-good behavior mark come home last week but recovered from it beautifully and the rest of the week went swimmingly. This is huge. A year ago a “clip down” on the behavior chart would have sent her into a downward spiral of frustration and negativity. But now? The fact that she was able to turn it around and get right back on track just proves that she has made tremendous progress this year.

I’m so very excited to be part of the cast of the Listen to Your Mother show here in my very own local area. This is a completely new thing for me and I have no idea what to expect. But I do know from blogger friends who have been part of it that the experience will be fantastic. So I’m really looking forward to that.

I’ve done a lot more writing lately and have been very happy with a lot of it. That feels great. Check out my recent posts if you’ve missed them, OK?




The other day I stopped for donuts at the bakery where my Grandparents always got baked goods. The bakery smell positively transported me back to the Sundays of my childhood – and that’s going to get me a post in a little while. It was kind of surreal. So yeah, I teared up a little in the bakery and walked out with a dozen of the most amazing donuts on the planet.

Saturday evening we had an awesome dinner at a favorite pizza place. It’s a place where we always love the food but that night it was exceptional.

This week the hub and I had some quiet TV time together after Zilla was asleep. Kind of reminded me of the days when we were not-dating and first married. I still think I like the version with Zilla sleeping down the hall best, though.

And today? A completely lazy Sunday at home. I’m not happy that Zilla and I missed church, but I am truly just so miserably sick that it had to be done. I slept and rested for most of the day while the Hub handled things and Zilla played and rested and checked on me frequently. And after being upright for only about three hours now, I’m pretty much ready to go back to bed.

So invoking section 3.42 of the BoSR/SBoR and doing the feeblest of dances for the SGV, I bid you goodnight. I’ll hop around and read and comment on Monday. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves and share what you’re thankful for right now.


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16 thoughts on “TToT – A (Sick) Day of Rest

    1. No one wants this cold gone more than I do, Anna. I think if I’ve had it since New Year’s, it’s got to be like the mega-super-cold or cold-ocalypse. Or something.
      My husband by my side is very good. As long as he isn’t snoring. 😉

  1. Baked goods, warm drinks, and pizza. If those don’t make one feel better, nothing will. Well, guess those natural remedies deserve a shot too.
    I love how the sense of smell can bring us back to all kinds of memories from the past. That’s an indescribable sensory experience.
    Sounds like, though you’ve been feeling unwell for a while now, you had a good week in spite of everything. Delightful to read this post Lisa.
    Sleep well and hope you have a good week.

    1. Tell you what, Kerry – I’ve had pizza from that place a thousand times and that pizza was the absolute best the other night. And even that brought back memories of a different place where my Grandparents used to take us all for pizza. It’s been one of those memory lane kind of weeks. Sounds, smells – so many things have the ability to transport us. It’s a very cool thing.
      Thanks for the well wishes – I’m actually off to bed for real right now.

  2. Hope you feel better! At least you have a pretty tissue box, I do think it makes a difference (if it was here, the picture would have easily have been a roll of T.P. instead of a pretty box.) Congrats on being selected to the cast of the show, wish I lived close enough to come see it.

    1. Hi, Jean. Well, I often have things other than nice tissues, but my poor nose just wanted good tissues.
      Oh how cool would that be to see the show??? I know there will be videos after the fact so you can catch it there!

  3. Smell….such a powerful time machine! It amazes me at how vividly smell can bring a memory to your mind. One of my favorites is the smell of the old stone building that served as City Library when I was little. Between the stone and the musty book smell….ah, many happy memories for a book lover like me.

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