Did you miss me?

I was a little surprised when I looked at my last TToT and realized that I skipped two weekends in a row. TToT is not something I skip. But I did say I was taking an Internet break during the holidays and apparently I was serious.

I really did take a break – I barely thought about the cyber world and just barely paid attention to messages. I missed the people that I usually connect with. But overall? The time away felt freaking great.


That said, 2015 is in the bag, so are the holidays and all of their stress, and by the end of this weekend all the Christmas decorations will be stored away for another year. I’m done and ready to move on.

So let’s commence with the thankfuls…

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I swore I wasn’t going to do this.

I was not going to write an end of the year wrap-up post, or a list of my favorite books, or favorite moments of the year. I was not going to make any New Year’s resolutions (aside from the perennial one I make to stop swearing) or post any goals related to weight, writing, water consumption, or anything else. I find the whole concept – much like all of January – just…ugh.


But I have done the word of the year thing for the last few and I definitely liked it. I suppose I didn’t do much with my 2015 word, Progress – at least not here on the blog – so I figured picking a word for 2016 was probably a wasted effort. But it’s not.
Just because I didn’t actively or regularly report on my word doesn’t mean I did not make Progress in many ways throughout the year. And as I recall, I chose Progress as a theme for me, the Hub, and Zilla – whether they liked it or not. In many ways we have all made significant progress in the last year. I’m calling all of that success.

But I’m kind of done with 2015 so let’s move forward, shall we?

See? Progress…

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Sometimes it’s nice to take a look at where we’ve been.

Every now and then I take a look through photo albums, old letters, piles of filing in my office that need to be handled…but I haven’t done much backward observation here on my blog. Today’s as good a day as any, so come along with me and let’s visit the ghosts of blog posts past…

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About this time last year, I chose my One Word for 2014.

Well, maybe I re-chose it. Or perhaps it chose me. My word was Focus. I knew I had not reached all of my goals in the area of improving my focus during 2013, so I wanted to recommit. And I did.

ow_125x125_custom_125x125 customized nicer

I worked on improving my focus in several areas. And then, somewhere around partway through the year, I stopped updating and posting about my word. I guess it would be just too obvious to say I seemed to have lost my focus.

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It is very difficult to focus on improving our daily routine when every other day is a snow day. Or a delayed opening. Or something.

Seriously, how are you supposed to get into any kind of rhythm when there just isn’t even a beat to follow? And hasn’t been one since like…Thanksgiving?

There has been one distinct benefit to the disruption and the down time. I’ve had a whole lot of time to work on the de-cluttering and a whole lot of time to think about what is and isn’t working and how to proceed from where we are now. I have some ideas…

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So here we are, four days into February. Time to check in on my One Word goals and move forward into the next part of the plan. This year I’m working on Focus.

For January, I decided (with a little help from Steve over at Do Something Cool) to focus on removing distractions rather than getting more focused on one particular thing.

First the bad news: I finally settled on how to approach my January goal about halfway through the month. That didn’t exactly set me up for great success, did it? Two weeks to accomplish the monumental goal of removing the piles and projects that distract us from our home? Oh, and right after I got going on that an felt like I had some momentum going…the perfect storm of deadlines set in and I found myself missing out on my fifteen minutes a day plan on more than a few days. So are all of my piles of distraction gone? No.

But stick with me. There’s good news, too.

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Goodbye, January! I’m so over you. Why? Because Polar Vortex, that’s why. I never thought I’d be so happy to see the temperature read 32 degrees in my life.

Let’s get right down to business.

First, I’m going with the theme of being thankful for others’ happiness. Monday of this week, the Fab Hub took a trip to our favorite mountain to stomp around in the snow. He’s been talking about doing this forever. And so he seized a moment and went.

20140127_10401020140127_104322Well worth the trip, I think.

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