What Was that Word Again?

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About this time last year, I chose my One Word for 2014.

Well, maybe I re-chose it. Or perhaps it chose me. My word was Focus. I knew I had not reached all of my goals in the area of improving my focus during 2013, so I wanted to recommit. And I did.

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I worked on improving my focus in several areas. And then, somewhere around partway through the year, I stopped updating and posting about my word. I guess it would be just too obvious to say I seemed to have lost my focus.

But I didn’t. Really. I did work on improving my focus in many areas of my life and I actually did just that. Our little family wanted to focus on getting the house cleaned and purged and organized. We did that. And I think we can definitely say that the Hub and I put a great deal of effort into shifting our focus to doing what was necessary to get him into a new job and me into a new and healthier lifestyle. And we did that, too!

So while my original plan for improving my focus may have shifted and I may not have been terribly accountable in this space – at least not in the manner I intended – I am pleased with the work I and my family have done where my One Word of Focus is concerned. Sometimes the path takes a turn you don’t expect. That’s exactly what happened here over the last year and I’m OK with that.

As 2014 drew to a close and 2015 got rolling, I did a lot of reflecting on whether or not I would choose a word for this year and, if so, what that word should be. After much though, consideration, prayer, and sign-reading, if you will, I’ve settled on my One Word for 2015.

ow14_250x250_custom_250x250 Progress

My word is Progress. All three of us have made great progress in many ways over the last year, most especially in the last few months of 2014. We are not perfect. We are not finished. Nor do we need to be. We have much left to do and much progress to make. And so for myself and for all of my little family, I choose the word Progress as our theme for 2015.

I’ll be back from time to time with updates and reflections on my One Word. And who knows? I may even sneak it in here and there throughout the blog. You’ll just have to stick around and see.


For more information on the One Word 365 concept,

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Lisa A. Listwa is a self-employed writer with experience in education, publishing, and the martial arts. Believing there was more to life than punching someone else’s time clock and inspired by the words of Henry David Thoreau, she traded her life as a high school educator for a life as a writer and hasn’t looked back. She is mother to one glorious handful of a daughter, wife to the nicest guy on the planet, and reluctant but devoted owner of three Rotten Cats. You can find her adventures and thoughts on living life deliberately here on the blog.

23 thoughts on “What Was that Word Again?

  1. I love that word. Lysa Terkeurst calls it “Imperfect progress” in one of her books. Progress is a perfect word, and I love that you have made such HUGE strides in it in 2014… keep the momentum going girl!!

  2. What an awesome word of the year! I love the saying “Progress, not perfection” so this one really resonates with me. I’ve chosen my word but still haven’t really written about it. I just might do that today after reading this – thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, I think it’s the perfect word. It implies a process and that’s really where I’m at with it. And I definitely will benefit from remembering what progress has been made, rather than beating myself up about achieving some stage of perfect completion. Not gonna happen.
      I feel like I will have a lot more to say about the word as the weeks unfold, but this is what I came to at this point and I wanted to commit and get it out there.
      Looking forward to reading yours, Jen!

  3. Perfect word and think we all are just a work in progress, so definitely can relate to this, as much as I made progress last year with my word, “Balance”, I still have work to do with this and hope to make further progress this year, too 😉

  4. Progress means the right direction, movement, action. It might come in bunches, or slow to a crawl, but it’s all progress. Excellent choice (the word picking you), and I can’t wait to read more about how 2015 unfolds for you.

    1. It felt like the perfect choice, Eli. You’re so right – it doesn’t always come noticeably. And that is exactly what I have to keep in mind. I tend to want results immediately and when that doesn’t happen, I get frustrated. So this is a good thing for me to work on.

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