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I don’t even know why I call these posts ten things of thankful anymore – I’ve long since given up listing or counting anything.

I suppose it’s because that’s how it began and it’s how we continue to identify with one another. This is a great little group we have here and that comfortable identity is a good thing. You know what you’re in for when you see a Ten Things of Thankful post – goodness, gratitude, camaraderie, and a focus on what is positive in life, despite how bleak things may seem sometimes.

I guess that’s what I’m doing today – finding what’s positive in the midst of the bleak.

For example, I clearly spoke too soon last week when I said I was feeling better and pulling out of the flu. Ha! I went backwards from there ending up with horrible bronchitis as a result of the initial bout of the flu. This is what they mean when they say “flu-related complications.” And I can tell you that it kind of sucks.

So what is there to be thankful for? Well, I’m pretty thankful it’s bronchitis and not pneumonia. That would be way worse. At least with bronchitis I know the drill. I can’t say I’m enjoying the drill and I’m really kind of tired of dealing with it. But yeah, it could be worse.

I’m definitely thankful that the Hub and Zilla are back to normal. The worst thing they have going on is some residual coughing and maybe some residual fatigue. Nothing horrible. So that’s positive.

And they have both been more than helpful and patient with me while I’m still getting my butt kicked by this thing. It’s comforting to know that they can (pretty much) fend for themselves and not leave the house in (too much) disarray while I’m on limited duty.

I am thankful that I work from home and don’t have a boss pressuring me to go back to work sooner than I am really able. I’ve been there before and it’s awful. This way I can take care of me and still not get too far behind on things I need to accomplish.

Speaking of being at home, I’m thankful for the long weekend we’re having. Granted, we have all been inside recuperating while it’s a lovely and unusual 60 degrees out in February, but we’ve had the windows open and have been able to enjoy some extra time to get well. Zilla is catching up on missed school work and I love that I have a kid I don’t need to nag about getting the work done. And since the Hub works at the school, he’s off as well.

The only down side to all of that is, well, normally on  Monday I have the place blissfully and silently to myself. I work and put my week in motion. The Rottens sleep like crazy. But on a Monday holiday? Not so much. Still, the blessing is that we are all able to be home together. Not everyone has that opportunity.

I’m glad I got a bit of writing in this week that made it to the blog, even though it wasn’t much. I also got some writing done offline and got some helpful feedback on a couple of things I’ve written lately. I’ve also had a bunch of time to read so maybe I’ll finally finish the way overdue library book that’s been sitting here in my house forever. That’s all good.

And truly I love our new “extended hours” here at Ten Things of Thankful. Having the link-up open through Tuesday is so helpful for me. Rather than rush to get in before my weekend explodes or trying to cram in before the link closes on Sunday evening is proving to be a very good thing. Now I can do my Monday morning reflective TToT the way I really like to without feeling like I missed the party all weekend.

Oh! And I am thankful for new life. Two different cousins welcomed new baby girls over the course of the last ten days. Everyone is happy and healthy.

Life goes on…


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16 thoughts on “TToT – Complications

  1. Wow, you really did come up with a bunch of good things despite the obvious miseries of bronchitis, which is truly no fun at all! I am sorry that you are still doing battle with it, I am finally feeling like myself today at last, and Papa Bear is nearly over the cough after breathing treatments this weekend. I’m glad you like the extended TToT link-up time, it’s not fun to feel the pressure of writing when you’re supposed to be enjoying and relaxing on your weekend! I know what you mean about Monday’s too. It’s so nice and quiet with the tv off and the cats purring and I can focus a bit more on what I want to write! New babies in the family is always a blessing! Wishing you a much better week ahead my friend. Kick bronchitis’ butt!! :-))

    1. Really glad you and Papa Bear are feeling better. I’ve been doing treatments all week, seemingly to no avail. I find myself getting mighty cranky about it, mostly because the two of them are home and it is nearly impossible to keep from talking and try to rest my throat and voice and lungs. I’m hoping now that Zilla’s almost finished with homework she’ll dig into a project that will keep her engaged and not require me to speak much. It’s hard for her to understand, I’m sure.

  2. Last year I had the flu then bronchitis then pneumonia. This year I got a flu shot and haven’t been sick. \O/ Good that your boss is understanding so you can get some rest. Nice to have family around.

    1. Well my boss is me so yeah, she’s pretty cool. 😁
      I get a flu shot every year – we all do. I guess this particular germ wasn’t covered in this year’s shot. I know that happens, All things considered we have been lucky – first time we’ve had flu in our house since Zilla was an infant. I’m just ready to be over it already!

  3. I’m glad you’re beginning to feel better, and very glad that Hub and Zilla are well enough to leave you to recuperate. Hope it’s soon. You’ve had enough by now, goodness knows!

    YAY for the new and improved (i.e. actually happening) TToT <3

    1. I love the new manifestation of the TToT – which is not to say I did not love the original version. I did. You know I did. I think in order for it to keep breathing and giving life to the people who participate, it needed a change – we needed a change. And so an answer presented itself. It’s a good thing.
      I’ve not been to read your post yet – every time I try, I get distracted. But I will.

  4. So many people are sick with all sorts lately. My violin teacher too. I hope this passes soonish for you.

    My sister is about to give birth any day now, so I get the whole looking to new life thing, as we can use a little shot of hope and sweetness at a time like this. Congrats to your family and the new family members. Glad you feel less pressure with this TToT now, as pressure shouldn’t be what causes you to not post, but life happens that way sometimes. I was not busy with illness and family, like you, but with other feelings and doubts. I wrote one anyway, even if I only had under 30 minutes to get it into the linkup. Close call.

  5. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, but glad things seem to be better, and that you’re able to see the good amidst the challenging. Keep up that attitude of gratitude! It helps us all smile. PS: Love your rainbow picture! 🙂

  6. So sorry you have complications, but glad it’s not pneumonia! I’m currently at a friend’s house watching her kids because she just got (re) admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia. There are some nasty bugs going around. Hope you are 100% better soon!

    1. Thanks, Kristi. I am certainly working at it, but my body is just not cooperating. I think my main solace is that my mom’s version of this (she started it) is running nearly identical to mine – or mine to hers, I guess I should say. So while I’m totally frustrated and a bit worried that I’m still feeling like this, when we swap notes I find that she’s in the same boat. So at least we’re in this together! But yes, very glad it’s not pneumonia. I’m hoping the cough will subside enough to let me sleep tonight.

  7. Love reading your thankfuls in the midst of the illness. That 60 degree weekend was a pleasure for me. Hope you feel better. I am welcoming my first granddaughter in May – such joy.

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