I was really prepared this week.

I had my TToT drafted and pretty much ready to go on Friday morning already. FRIDAY MORNING, people! That never happens.

I said to myself, “Self, you can post this quick later tonight. You need to grab your keys and get your butt out of here.” And then…stuff started happening. We got busy doing things. Which I suppose can be my first item on the list, right? I can be thankful that my life is full and busy and happy to the point that I forget to get on the computer.


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And I guess item number two can be that I am finally starting to feel better after nearly three weeks of this respiratory nonsense I’ve had going on. I ended up miserable and coughing and sneezing AGAIN all week this week. Good grief.

But let’s get to the list that I had prepared and ready to go, shall we?

Cat One is taking his meds pretty well and acting more, well, active.  So I was pretty happy that I could get him medicated successfully and singlehandedly. Things were going well. But then he was a jackass about it. Yup. I managed to get him to cooperate for several days in a row all by my self. Then the Hub is home on the weekend and the cat puts on a show for him – all drooling and shaking the meds around and making a general mess. Thanks, cat. I ask you, how pathetic is this animal? Drama queen.




I am very thankful for my awesome chiropractor right now. All the coughing I’ve been doing has knocked my entire body out of place so I was in dire need of an adjustment. Just one visit helped tremendously to relieve the muscle tension in my head and neck, the sore muscles around my ribs, and more.

And on that subject, did I mention I’m glad to be feeling better? I’m not 100% just yet – that stupid lingering cough and hoarseness remains and I still have a bit of fatigue – but overall, it’s definite progress. And while I’ve probably spent most of the last two and a half weeks asleep, I think I’m grateful for that, too. Rest is the best thing, really, when you’re that miserable. At least asleep you don’t know you’re suffering.

I am very thankful for a good haircut. I’ve put off getting a trim for about six months, which I never do, and I was way overdue. A good cut and shape was just what I needed. I know Dyanne’s going to say “photo or it didn’t happen” so maybe I’ll update my Facebook pic later this week.

Zilla had a very good week in school and another great report card this marking period. She is doing so well and that means a great deal to all of us. A year ago she was a very unhappy little girl where school was concerned so we are beyond happy right now and thankful to all the people and processes that have helped her grow and regain her love of school over the last year.

I’m thankful for the fact that I can whip up a really great dinner from a few random items in the house. You know how the fridge and cupboards look when it’s been way too long since you planned a real meal or did a real grocery run? Well, after all the sickness in this house since Easter, we are at Old Mother Hubbard stage. So my little concoction was like being on Chopped in my very own kitchen. The Hub and Zilla both liked it so that’s a win. Chicken sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, green beans, a little chicken broth a lot of wine…ta-da! Now if only someone would give me $10,000 to make dinner at night…




I’m happy that I was able to be helpful this week and make life a little easier for my Mom and my Sister. That feels good.

Know what else feels good? Clean bathrooms. And clean floors. I made Zilla and the Hub promise to help me with getting rid of some of the nasty germs in this house so we tackled the bathrooms and the floors this weekend. My Mom always says a good cleaning session is therapeutic – it definitely is. I also kind of enjoyed the great big tired I felt that night. I am thankful for a long, hot shower and a good long sleep after a day of cleaning.

I absolutely love that Zilla helped me with two baskets of laundry. I can’t say that doing chores are her favorite thing to do, but I’m trying to teach her that if you help each other out and don’t complain the whole time, it goes a lot faster. We also put Chopped on the TV while we worked to sort, pair, and fold which made it fun, too. We love watching that show together.

And the Rottens like to help with chores, too, of course…





I don't do bathrooms.


I’m going to add here that I’m thankful for a great time today with family.

It’s been a good day. It’s been a good weekend. It’s a good life.


Your turn – what are you thankful for this week? How is spring allergy season treating you? What are your tricks for getting medication into a cat? You know the drill – share ’em or link ’em! Have a great week!

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22 thoughts on “TToT – On the Mend

  1. Am I frist again? Twice in one weekend, both my first/second times ever.
    Unless someone gets in a comment as I type this.
    Glad you had such a lovely weekend, after such a rotten few weeks of sickness.
    Sleep, I always say, is best when you feel like crap. It is nice not to be aware, for a while anyway.
    Chores really do go faster when done as a team. I miss that about living on my own.
    That dinner you whipped up sounds delicious.
    Have a good week Lisa.

  2. Chiropractors — ruuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn!
    Just kidding.
    But seriously though, I run from them. Well it’s more like a hobble. My neurosurgeon has lots of fun things to say about them.
    Anyways being sick sucks a hairy donkey schlong and I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well.
    Clean bathrooms are heaven. I don’t really know what that’s like since I have a child who was given bathroom crayons. He’s coloured all the shower walls. It says it washes off but you need to scrub and I’m a busted up cripple and so it’s just there. Plus he still pees all over the toilet. OMG. So I just clean all the time. ACK. It never feels clean enough.
    Anyways. Holy long comment!

    1. Kim, I think when you have a bathroom, you just have to accept that the bathroom is always dirty. Those bathroom crayons are a nightmare!
      I love my chiropractor – I think I’ve seen him off and on for about 25 years. He’s often the first place I turn when I feel out of sorts. I suppose everyone has their thing!

  3. Yah to the Thankfuls… Boo to the sickness (so glad you’re feeling better)… Highfive to the cat, cause he n=made me giggle, and I needed that 😉

    Lovely list, lovely cheerer-uppa post… Thank you!

    P’S I LOVE that tired too… the kinda tired that is exclusive to a job well done… a satisfied pats-self-on-back kinda tired 🙂

    1. Heheh – the cat is highly entertaining, even if he is a pill. The entertainment value with three cats? Astronomical. And oh yeah, by the way…today when it was just little old me to give him meds? Perfectly co-operative. Clearly the poor sad diva act was solely for my Husband’s benefit. 😀
      I hope you’re having a great day!

  4. Glad to hear you are on the mend. My daughter has had something like that for several weeks, too. I’m taking her to the pediatrician again today. Now I’m wondering if I should take her to a chiropractor. Way to work your magic with what you found in the fridge and pantry. That’s one of those talents we moms pick up along the way, isn’t it, out of necessity, no matter how much we hate to cook, which I do. I should participate again soon in TToT–it really goes a long way in helping you to focus on the positive.

    1. Sorry to hear your daughter is sick, too, Julie. Well, I saw the “regular” doc first when I needed the antibiotic and expectorant and asthma meds. The chiropractor is fixing the damage all the coughing did! I had sore ribs, tight neck and head muscles, knots in the shoulders – the works! Hope your daughter is better soon!
      I really love cooking and lately I like the challenge of throwing something together with whatever leftovers or forgotten pantry items I find – it’s a good way to “spring clean” the cupboards before all the fresh CSA veggies arrive!
      And YES do get back in the TToT. We’d love to see you there!

  5. to have the busy and engaged life in the ‘real’ world, is, imo, what makes this blogosphere the amazing thing that is… to be allowed a view into the actual, real lives of people who we would never have come into contact otherwise… very cool!

  6. That there are demands on our time and that we are needed by family and friends can itself be something to be thankful for. I’m glad you’re feeling better. My husband and I attempt to go for a massage once a month, thanks to an affordable spa membership. It really helps to loosen up tired muscles.

  7. I envy your cooking skills, to be able to whip something up from whatever you had lying around the kitchen? Brilliant, in my opinion! I realize many people are able to do this, however, I am not one of them. I can make scrambled eggs and bacon, that’s about it. I am really quite terrible at adulting, it’s probably for the best that I am without children thus far or they might starve.
    Forgive my rambling 🙂
    I, too, have been cleaning! More organizing than cleaning, though they really should coincide with one another. Either way, it feels great to de-junk the house and do a little redecorating!
    I hope you have another lovely week ahead!

    1. Abbie, my Husband is absolutely the most incompetent person EVER in a kitchen. It’s true. My Mom used to say, “if you can read, you can cook.” Apparently, this is not true for my Husband. But he’s still awesome and so are you. Meanwhile, scrambled eggs and bacon are one of my favorite things.
      And you can ramble away always! Heaven knows I do!
      I find it hard to separate organizing from cleaning, you know? It just kind of happens.
      Have a great week, too!

  8. This POST is a bit like a warm bath, all oozey with loveliness and bubbling over with contentment (in spite of Rotten 1 still being a pain, and your illness still just clinging on in there) HOORAY for all the things you’ve been able to do. And that Zilla helped with chores is wonderful. I honestly think I probably didn’t do enough chores as a kid, to really give me a firm grounding in just how much hard work goes into making life work. Now I’m living at home again I kind of still don’t! I think there is a sharp shock somewhere in my future waiting to happen.

    LOVE cooking and creating from whatever’s around. And YES! You need to put a pic of your haircut 🙂

    1. Right now my hair is in the “needs to settle down” phase. If it ever does that, perhaps I’ll actually do it. I could use a new profile pic. I just really never like how I look in pictures.
      A warm bath, eh? I guess it could be. The cat is a pill. The cat will always be a pill. But we love him!
      Zilla is a great helper and she’s secretly interested in learning how to do more for herself. It’s a good thing.

  9. Big ticket item on the list? Zilla likes school this year… that’s a tremendous blessing for all of y ou. It’s so sad when school doesn’t feel good. LOL at rotten drama cat. You bet they can play it up! Toby is a big mushy love bug whenever Papa Bear is at work, when he comes home it’s a “don’t love on me, Dad might see me being a softy” act. So funny! Nothing feels nicer that a really clean house. I wish I managed to get mine to that point more often! Most of all, I am so grateful that you are feeling better again, sickness is so depressing. Wishing you much better days ahead and allergies that go on vacation!! XOXO

    1. The fact that Zilla loves school is huge for us all around. HUGE! And yes, I’d really like my allergies to take a hike. Need to get over this laryngitis thing before this weekend, most importantly! You know, being sick IS depressing. It just makes you feel so…blah. I’m looking forward to getting rid of this once and for all.

  10. Oh, life is good indeed! I am glad this school year is going so much better. School is such a huge portion of a kid’s life. When it isn’t going well, that is a huge deal.

    1. You’re absolutely right. This is a rough time of year for Zilla but compared to where we were last year, we are leagues away from that. It feels good for the parent to know our kids are doing OK and things are working. Nothing is tougher for me than when there’s something to be fixed and I can’t do it.

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