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Fragmented. That’s the best word I can come up with to describe my week.

It’s been one long stretch of a whole lot of jumbled pieces and small bits of time, none of which have added up to much of anything. But of course, if I sit long enough and think about it, I know I will realize that there is something in there. Perhaps we’ll get there by the end of this post. I have to be honest, though, and say I really don’t feel much like thankful-in tonight.

It’s not that I don’t feel thankful for so many things. I definitely do. And I’m not sad or bothered by anything. I’m just…mentally fatigued. All that fragmenting this week has left this girl exhausted.

So let’s see what we can come up with…


Zilla is hanging in there for the end of the school year like a champ. No easy task at this time of year. If you know anything about the end of the school year, you know that the last few weeks are filled with field trips, special events, graduations, First Communions, special schedules, field days, and so much more. I remember those weeks from the teacher side of the desk and I could barely hold it together, never mind keep the kids in motion. And when you have the whole ADD/ADHD thing going on besides? And distraction is par for the course on a regular day? Heaven help us all! So far, we’re hanging tough.

We met with Zilla’s team at school for our final meeting of the year and the very short version is that Zilla’s had a great year. She’s come so far from where we were – hating school and down on herself – a year ago. I credit Zilla herself with her efforts all around; this kid is a fighter. But I am also so very grateful to the teachers, counselors, and administrators at her school who have helped her along. These people are the best.

Long conversations this weekend with my Sister and my Mom about everything and nothing remind me how very special and important these women are to me. Not that I forget…but life gets in the way of long sit-downs for all of us and it’s nice to have those opportunities.

I am thankful that Cat One is taking his meds without much ado lately. Can’t say he’s completely cooperative, but at least it’s just pretty much a routine and he doesn’t sulk for three hours afterwards anymore. We’ve come to a resigned and grudging understanding, I suppose. I’ll take it.

My Husband is quite possibly the kindest, most patient, most understanding man on the planet. Seriously. For so many reasons, I am so very grateful for all that he is and does. And he makes great coffee. Have I mentioned that?

I’ve missed getting a whole lot of housework and chores and projects done this week. I have not completed any of the writing I started this week. The desk in my office is a disaster, my house needs to be cleaned and de-cluttered, and I have a to-do list as long as my arm. I’ve decided to accept it, forgive myself for it, and start again tomorrow morning. Why is this on my list? Because I’m rather pleased to realize I’m not beating myself up about not getting it all done this week.

And on that note, I’m calling this a wrap. See you next week!


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14 thoughts on “#10Thankful – Fragmented

  1. I frequently have to remind myself that I will probably always have more things on my to-do list than time to do them all, so instead of beating myself up, I should focus on whether or not I used the time I have wisely. Was I doing good things throughout the day? (Breaks/rests are also good things.) If so, then count it a success and go at it again tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Cleaning up clutter and and beginning again give us a fresh start and I’m sure you’ll be more productive. I really liked that image in your post, even though I’m not sure what it is it certainly speaks fragmented.

    1. I agree, Val. Unfortunately, today is turning out to be a huge disappointment in terms of productivity – mostly out of my control. Trying not to get bogged down in the irritation.
      The image came up as “fragments” so your guess is as good as mine regarding what it actually is. But it looks cool!

  3. Cats and dogs are so different about taking medicine! My mother used to have a cat that needed daily medication – she had to take the pill out the night before or the cat would run away when she heard the cap snap off.

    Dogs on the other hand come running when the pill bottle snaps because all they can thing about is that little gob of peanut butter they’re going to get.

  4. This time of year it is especially important to be kind to yourself. There are far too many tasks as the school year winds down to cram into a single day–week–month. Best to accept that and do what we can. Hang on, friend!

    1. The school year is always crazy at the end. I kind of thought it would be less so if I wasn’t teaching. I was wrong! 😀 Hanging on and remembering not to over-plan and forgive myself for not doing all the things. 😉

  5. These were all great reasons to be thankful, especially Zilla’s successful year, but also your success in letting go of things not done, that tends to be a permanent situation in life. We can beat ourselves up for what we didn’t accomplish or be pleased with what we did. I think visiting with family members trumps housework every time, the housework will always be there. The next day we start from where we left off and begin again. Teach this to Zilla and she will grow up to be far more self-accepting that we grew up to be. I am also glad Cat 1 is cooperating with the meds. Toby wolfs his food down so quickly (think dog-like) that we don’t even have to crush his meds, just stick in the top of his wet food and he will never notice, while the other cats would carefully eat around it or spit it out. 🙂

    1. You’re so right, Josie. I have a pile of unfinished business from yesterday and I think I’ll have one again today. I’m just focusing on doing one thing at a time. I’ll catch up eventually!
      You know, no sooner do I say Cat One is being cooperative than he starts spitting it out and drooling again. Ugh! He is so high maintenance, that one!

  6. Well, well, welly! Yes, I have been out of commission a long time! Look at your new “house”! I love it!! Very nice Lisa. I love the banner photo and the words at the top “Live Deliberately”.
    End of school already. I simply can’t believe it. Good for Zilla! Sounds as if she’s got an excellent support team and that she put in some hard work this year.
    I too like the image. Love the colors. Suits the title of the post perfectly 🙂
    Seems to me life is one long to do list lol But there’s nothing wrong with that is there? 😀

    1. Thanks, Girlie! It was time for an update. I have to get my FB cover to match now!
      Yeah, I can’t believe this school year is almost over, either. We’ve had quite a journey this year – a great one – and it’s amazing how much she’s learned and grown. We definitely have a great team working together and the proof is in the results.
      I don’t mind having a long to-do list. I never have to wonder what to do with myself!

  7. Late to the party, but I made it because I enjoy reading you here.
    I can certainly understand fragmented. That’s life most weeks.
    So happy though, to see your patient, coffee-making husband on the list once more.
    I can also 100 percent understand all the end-of-the-school-year stress, for your family, I am sure.
    From what I’ve seen through her imaginative writings here on your blog and when I heard her over vidchat, your girl is bright and creative. Having anything extra to deal with will for sure make all the excitement of this time of year just that little bit harder to push through, but you guys are the best people to help her with that. Plus, your record of teaching expertise is a bonus.
    Hope these last days and weeks fly by and summer can bring loads of fun and family time for all of you.
    Here we are at the weekend once again.
    Funny how that happens.

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