Fragmented. That’s the best word I can come up with to describe my week.

It’s been one long stretch of a whole lot of jumbled pieces and small bits of time, none of which have added up to much of anything. But of course, if I sit long enough and think about it, I know I will realize that there is something in there. Perhaps we’ll get there by the end of this post. I have to be honest, though, and say I really don’t feel much like thankful-in tonight.

It’s not that I don’t feel thankful for so many things. I definitely do. And I’m not sad or bothered by anything. I’m just…mentally fatigued. All that fragmenting this week has left this girl exhausted.

So let’s see what we can come up with…


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I’ve had a colorful week. A full spectrum of things for which I am thankful.

I’d love to show and tell you that I snagged a photo of every hue and every experience. But I did not. I was too busy soaking in the moments, living the moments. And truly, the color thing didn’t occur to me until this morning, so…

How about this?

We saw the first pink blossoms on the trees in our neighborhood this week. OK, this photo is actually a couple of years ago, but it won’t be long before they look like this again! And, in yet another weather shift, are expecting a bit of snow tonight and tomorrow. Not much, but still…seriously?




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Did you miss me?

I was a little surprised when I looked at my last TToT and realized that I skipped two weekends in a row. TToT is not something I skip. But I did say I was taking an Internet break during the holidays and apparently I was serious.

I really did take a break – I barely thought about the cyber world and just barely paid attention to messages. I missed the people that I usually connect with. But overall? The time away felt freaking great.


That said, 2015 is in the bag, so are the holidays and all of their stress, and by the end of this weekend all the Christmas decorations will be stored away for another year. I’m done and ready to move on.

So let’s commence with the thankfuls…

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It’s not that I don’t feel thankful this week. I absolutely do – for many things.

But for some reason I am feeling irritable about posting. I was very excited to get my Soup of the Week posts back up and running, even if this week’s turned out to be a consolation prize because I never quite got around to actually making any soup. But does anyone really care about soup?

And then every time I had a great post idea or sat to write…the idea fizzled or the writing didn’t happen. Maybe I’m just feeling ambivalent toward the blog right now. It feels kind of lost at the  moment. Maybe it needs to go on a long hiatus. Still debating that one.

In the meantime, I’m going to get my Thankfuls on because A) it is always good to acknowledge that which is good in life and 2) if it weren’t for the TToT, there would be a whole lot of nothing happening on this blog at all. See what I mean? Why is that?

Anyway, let’s start off by being thankful that my little kitchen mishap this week did not turn out to be much worse than it is.

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The Fab Hub is a lunch box master.

This is pretty amazing since when we met, the man had no idea how to pack a lunch. In fact, while we were not dating, I used to bring a few extra items in my lunch to share with him since we worked at the same place and often had the opportunity to have lunch together.

For most of our marriage so far, I have been in charge of the lunch packing. But things are different now. Now the Fab Hub is in charge of lunch for me and Kidzilla. And he’s really good at it. My only job in the process is to decide who is going to eat what and make a list for him to follow; the Fab Hub takes it from there.

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She could peg a kid just behind the ear with a stub of chalk from fifty paces.

If you misbehaved in her classroom, she knew it before you even thought about doing it and stopped you dead in your potentially insubordinate tracks.  Like dogs smell fear, she could smell a kid attempting to engage in “shenanigans,” as she called them.  She could tell whose voice spoke out of turn or who passed the note across the aisle even with her back turned to write the day’s penmanship lesson on the board.  She had eyes in the back of her head and she kept them hidden under her royal blue habit.

Her name was Sister Francine.

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