#10Thankful – Rainy Weekend Days

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There is nothing quite like a good rainy day.

OK, it’s not actually raining right now, but it’s cool and cloudy and the threat is present. And I , for one, am pretty glad for it. First of all, I love the rain (provided I’m not actually out in it getting wet, of course). Second, my allergies would love for the rain to put some of this pollen at bay so I can breathe.

Something about a cool, rainy weekend just feels like permission to curl up with books and movies and letters or maybe stare out the window and do some writing.




I am happy to have made some good Passover dishes for my Husband this week. He proclaimed the matzah ball soup “perfect” and the charoset was described as “exceptional” so I’m happy with that. And the Hub and Kidzilla always love my kugel, even if it’s made with matzah instead of noodle. Can’t lie, I’m also happy to see the end of Passover come this evening so we can get back to our usual way of eating. All that matzah and egg feels heavy after a while.




I am thankful for some good writing this week as well as some very positive feedback on several things I’ve written lately. That’s always good. I’m also glad to have some feedback that indicated I could have done something better with another piece. I suspected the piece in question needed some work from the start and that bit of information confirmed that I was right. Finding ways to improve is always positive. Knowing your instincts were correct is also very validating.

Last week’s Listen to Your Mother show was awesome. I do still mean to put up a post about the whole thing, but in the meantime I’m still kind of enjoying the aftermath of such a great experience and also some very positive response to the piece I read. That feels great.




I’m thankful for a good cup of tea on a cool day…well, any day, really. I’m working my way through  my tea stash to try and finish up some things I have to make room for some new ones. I’ve been enjoying a lot of savory teas lately like tomato mint and beet cabbage – surprisingly delicious.


I’m thankful for a pot roast in the slow cooker because that means easy dinner.

I’m delighted to find that I’ve dropped a few pounds, despite my feeling that I may have gained. That’s a nice surprise. I was starting to feel like the scale might never move again.

I’m really thankful for BoSR/SBoR section 42.9c that allows me to be finished because I have some living to get to.


Your turn: What are you thankful for this week? You know the drill – share ’em or link ’em!

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24 thoughts on “#10Thankful – Rainy Weekend Days

  1. I’ve not heard of savory teas before, I’ve tried a few of the fruity ones (didn’t like them much), I love a good strong cup of English or Yorkshire tea. I’m curious about the savory now though, I’ll have to look out for it.

    I love the rain too… I used to love being out in it until I needed glasses, now, like you, I prefer listening to it from the inside… Someone needs to invent eye-glasses with wind screen wipers… 🙂

    Lovely post, Lisa. x

    1. I definitely don’t like every tea I’ve tried, Kimmie, but these are really good. Interesting flavor combinations and things I would never think to put in tea. The kind I have in the photograph also suggests using them in the pot when cooking something like rice to give it an interesting flavor boost. I haven’t tried that yet, but I plan to.
      I agree that glasses in the rain is no fun – that drives my Husband crazy. I definitely love it from the inside and I love hearing it on the roof at night.
      And thanks for loving my post. xo

  2. Wow, savory tea sounds interesting – yes I also like a rainy day but on my terms …I know typical and selfish but a rainy day / weekend kind of takes the pressure off.

    have a wonderful week ahead.


    1. The savory teas are very interesting, Marisa. Check them out sometime.
      I absolutely like my rainy days on my terms and those terms usually mean I want to stay inside and not get wet! 😀 I like them when I know I have some rest or projects to tackle indoors and don’t want to feel like I’m missing the sunshine.

  3. I so, so love a good cup of tea. I’m addicted to tea, in fact. Hehe.
    Love your list of thankfuls! I’m in North Carolina and it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow…got about 12 books from the library. I think I should be good. Hopefully where you are, it’ll pass right over and be sunny!
    And all that Passover food looks faaaabulous!

    1. Yup, me too, Cynthia. I love love love tea and I have way too much of it in my pantry. Although, I don’t know that there really is such a thing…
      A pile of new books from the library sounds awesome. I have a list of titles I need to hunt for at ours the next time I go. I haven’t been in a while because what I have at home has been keeping me plenty busy. We have at least some rain in store for the entire week ahead. Hoping for sunshine on Saturday, though, for Kidzilla’s First Holy Communion day.
      The food is actually very good. I just wasn’t in the mood for it this year – who knows why?

  4. So glad to hear your show went well for you last weekend.
    Lots of good food, by the sounds of it, and love the tea stash.
    I can see how a nice rainy day would be lots of help for anyone with allergies.
    Glad you also received some helpful writing feedback. Always a big help. Well, nearly always.

    1. Thanks, Kerry. It was great and I promise I will write about it soon. Maybe tomorrow.
      We’ve had good food – the roast turned out perfectly! Leftovers for sandwiches today…yum! My tea stash is ridiculous. I probably have an addiction. I love tea and I really like having lots of options. But right now I’m really concentrating on cleaning out what I have because some have been around for a bit too long. And besides, tea shopping is always fun!

  5. A good rainy day is a blessing sometimes, for sure. Unfortunately, we were out in it almost all day. A baseball game, 2 soccer games, and an outdoor birthday party were on the schedule, none of which were cancelled. (When our kids were playing both baseball and the second soccer game, emails were sent out saying the rest of the baseball and soccer games that day were cancelled. Our kids and the opposing teams were the only ones who played all that they were supposed to.) I hope the rain helps with your allergies.

    1. That is a busy day indeed, Christine! Don’t you wonder sometimes about sports events that aren’t cancelled? We have soccer fields behind our house and I sometimes wonder at the wisdom of having these kids play in the pouring rain. I suppose it’s difficult to reschedule and get make-up games, but I’m glad I don’t have to make that call for anyone!
      Rain seems to be helping. At least I’m not coughing constantly so I think I may get my full voice back after all!

  6. I am enjoying the rainy Sunday in NJ. And yes, the pollen. Glad you week was full of positives. You know, I’ve always wanted to attend a Seder. My nephew says it is long and boring and tedious, but I suspect that is a statement about many seders of his youth. I think I would like the symbolism of the food and the history. And my niece has learned to make the best noodle kugel I’ve ever eaten.

    1. My Husband says the “long, boring, and tedious” description depends on your perspective and potentially the household. It certainly has that potential. It could have to do with how much is read in Hebrew and how much Hebrew the child/person understands. Something kid-centric would probably be very engaging. I’ve been to several and you are correct that the symbolism of the food and history is fascinating and beautiful.
      My Husband says, “tell Val she hasn’t had yours.” He’s a little bit biased, I think, but my kugel is pretty popular wherever it goes. My father-in-law loves it, too. And honestly, I’d much rather make it with noodle than matzo, but that’s kind of a given. 😀

  7. I love rainy days too — when they don’t hurt my damn bones — but they’re good for snuggling up with the heating pad and a good book and having a good excuse to be the bestest introvert ever 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your LTYM on youtube. How awesome was that experience? I still get chills when I think of mine. It was the best ever.

    1. I’ll give you that, Kim – the rainy days do indeed make my bones and joints ache a bit. Thank goodness for hot tea and warm blankets! Sometimes it makes me feel like a little old lady curled up like that. But I’m OK with that. 😀
      Wait wait wait – have I seen your LTYM??? I must see it. Send link, please?

  8. I need to toast our sisterhood of rainy day weekends filled with books, movies and nesting with a nice cup of tea myself!
    Do you have your matzo ball soup recipe on your blog? You have me very curious now. Being a Midwestern Methodist I have limited exposure to matzo ball soup!

    1. I clink my cup to you, May! Definitely!
      You know, I must have my matzo ball soup recipe on here somewhere – I’ll look and send you the link. And if not, I’ll just send you the recipe! It’s completely easy and so delicious!

  9. It’s a cool, gray day here too, and a bit dreary, but great for being snuggled up in pajamas and a blanket and catching up on all the blogging that I’ve missed as late. I always run out of steam by the end of April. Sounds like you’ve been doing some really good eating and I love the idea of savory tea! Going to have to check that out! Take care and enjoy the new month and the return to sunshine that it is sure to bring us!

    1. We had a cool gray day, Josie, and a good day with family as well. We had a Confirmation/First Communion party for some cousins today and it was very nice. Sadly, I haven’t yet caught up on my blogging or regular reading yet – but I will!
      The savory teas are really interesting. If you try any, let me know what you think.

  10. I gots to vote to no for rain (at least the pre-Summer rain, which is a touch too cool for my taste*), although the go-spend-the-day-reading card is a plus.

    I’m with you on the good feeling that comes from positive results after long effort. very good feeling.

    *which, of course, is anything not 2 degrees over 98.6

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