It’s a good thing I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to post here more. Somehow I got out of the habit of delivering any finished product to this page. It’s not for lack of ideas or inspiration; I have a ton of things drafted and scribbled in my notebooks. They somehow just don’t make…Continue Reading “Hello. It’s Been A While. (A Ten Things of Thankful Post)”

A half-balled wad of paper sailed across the room – whoosh – into the can. The sun moved with purpose past the windows of the room and as the light waned, so did his confidence and page by page, chapter by chapter, words sailed across the room, the tightening wads a clear indicator of his mounting frustration. He looked at the clock; bloody…Continue Reading “Six Sentence Stories – First Draft”

There is nothing quite like a good rainy day.

OK, it’s not actually raining right now, but it’s cool and cloudy and the threat is present. And I , for one, am pretty glad for it. First of all, I love the rain (provided I’m not actually out in it getting wet, of course). Second, my allergies would love for the rain to put some of this pollen at bay so I can breathe.

Something about a cool, rainy weekend just feels like permission to curl up with books and movies and letters or maybe stare out the window and do some writing.




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Lately, I find that words fail me.

The desire to write exists, but when I sit down and attempt to get to it…nothing happens. Blog posts, my personal works-in-progress, letters, e-mails, even something as simple as the weekly to-do list or an errand reminder – all seem too hard.

And it’s so easy to blame outside forces, isn’t it?  There’s too much to do. There’s not enough time to write. There’s nothing to write about. But those statements could – and perhaps should – be turned very personal. I’m busy. I’m too tired. I’m not inspired by anything right now. Eventually, in the moments when I’m honest with myself, I realize that the inability to write comes only from me.


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