Two Days of Rest – #10Thankful

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Sunday evening again. My least favorite time to write a TToT post.

Why, then, does it seem that I’m always doing mine on Sunday evening?

I thought I might skip this week because I have been sick. The yearly mandatory bout with bronchitis. I tried not to let it get away from me. But it did. It always does. I think I just have to concede that I have a chronic bronchitis thing and be done with it.

But let’s commence with the thankfulness because, honestly, I have too big a headache to give this much of my energy. Sorry. That’s just the way it is.

So first off, I’m thankful that I’m writing this at all. There, I said it.

Frozen homemade spaghetti sauce with cleaned and prepped fresh broccoli, all courtesy of our wonderful CSA membership. This means my family got a good dinner and I didn’t have to do much work (or cough all over it) to get the job done.


I’m thankful that I didn’t tell off someone who really irritated me this weekend. Considering my level of crankiness due to being sick, that’s not bad. And I’m so very grateful for my mom’s friendship and guidance in that situation and in all others, always.

I have not made much tangible progress with my NaNoWriMo projects this week once we got past day one. But. I’ve been planning and plotting and doing some reading and research so as soon as I kick this germ out of me once and for all – or at least enough that I can concentrate on writing – I’ll forge ahead and hopefully catch up. And hey, I didn’t go bonkers and decide I’m a failed writer because I got behind the eight ball, like instantly. OK, maybe once. A little. But I moved on.

Here’s a little convoluted hypo-gratitude for you: I’m thankful that I’ve had bronchitis enough times to know exactly what my doctor would tell me to do and that I had all supplies and treatments on hand already. I caved and started the antibiotic this afternoon, but it was clear that we had reached that point. And I’m glad I had some at the ready in the medicine cupboard.

For hot tea and the Hub’s amazing coffee and all other manner of warm drinks to soothe my body and soul, I am grateful. For a pile of good books to plow through curled up in bed or on a chair or on a couch. For enjoying a beautiful autumn day (twice) from just inside the sliding glass doors while plowing through books. For my Hub and Zilla for being perfectly happy to have an at-home weekend while I’m sick and for the fact that we were planning that anyway since last week was crammed full. For the best snuggles ever with my Zilla. For tissues.

I am thankful.


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Lisa A. Listwa is a self-employed writer with experience in education, publishing, and the martial arts. Believing there was more to life than punching someone else’s time clock and inspired by the words of Henry David Thoreau, she traded her life as a high school educator for a life as a writer and hasn’t looked back. She is mother to one glorious handful of a daughter, wife to the nicest guy on the planet, and reluctant but devoted owner of three Rotten Cats. You can find her adventures and thoughts on living life deliberately here on the blog.

16 thoughts on “Two Days of Rest – #10Thankful

  1. We both could have posted this list today! I realized Th that I was on the bumpy road to bronchitis-town. Have not had it for several years, but you never forget, right?! I had homemade spaghetti sauce squirreled away as well which pacified my husband very well last night. He had worked from 7 am to 7 pm building a family playground at the women’s prison out of the goodness of his heart. I really wanted him to be able to eat a warm meal soon as he got home. Went to the freezer with a hopeful heart and voila—dinner! Hope you are feeling better. I plan to sneak into school and hide in the library catching up paperwork tomorrow. I am definitely not 100% yet and I absolutely have to be well enough to drag my sorry tail to the polls on Tuesday!

    1. Oh, May, I so hear you! I am so sorry you’re under the weather. I’m still not up to snuff, but I am ever grateful that I work from home now and this doesn’t mean lost work time (well, it does, but it’s not the same) or angry bosses or fighting to go in when I really shouldn’t. I definitely need to be able-bodied enough for the polls Tuesday. Something tells me it’s going to be a long wait…
      I love that your husband did that labor of love – what a guy!!! <3
      Feel better soon! Make my sick tea.

  2. I wasn’t expecting to see you here this week, since you said you were going to disappear to do NaNoWriMo, but I’m glad you’re here. And sorry you’re sick. At least you know what to expect. I used to get bronchitis a couple of times a year when I lived in Nashville. I always lost my voice, too. Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Halloween card from you and the Rottens! I loved it! Such a nice surprise!!!

    1. Yeah, unfortunately, I’ve disappeared to being sick, rather than writing much this last week. But I’m doing my best. And I hope to not miss TToT and Six Sentences at least this month. Really hoping to see a turn for the better soon so I can get back to writing and make some progress.
      I’ve never sent a Halloween card in my life, but those black cats? Too cool to resist so the Rottens sent their kitty friends some greetings. 😀

  3. I am here with you, but I put mine off until the very last of last minutes, and on to Monday I go.
    Glad to see you here this week too. I also wouldn’t have bet much money on it. I knew you were doing NaNoWriMo but I hadn’t heard you were under the weather again. So sorry that has waylaid your progress, but bravo for not giving in and giving up to life.
    Hope you feel at least somewhat more like yourself for Tuesday, if lines are long like you think. Good luck to you with that, and to all my American friends. I am freaking out here actually, but out of my hands. I empathize with the choice down there and the position many of you are in.
    Snuggles with a child are the best. I got a few of those from my nephew myself this weekend.
    Feel better and on with the writing.

    1. Kerry, I don’t know how I missed your comment until now, but I’m sorry!
      I still felt pretty lousy on Tuesday, but I couldn’t miss. And the line was surprisingly short – 20 minutes I think. My husband went later in the day and he didn’t have a long wait, either. Strange.

  4. good list, yo.
    being sick is (often) not the worst thing. being sick enough not to be able to ignore it while not being sick enough to be satisfied lying in bed and waiting it out, is.
    excellent hypo-grat! (one of the many things that sets this gratitude bloghop apart from the annoyingly polite and temporarily deferential hordes of other gratitude bloghops)

    1. That’s a perfect description, Clark. Too sick to ignore it and operate normally, but not quite sick enough to just die in bed, either. Exactly.
      Definitely feeling cranky and hypo-grat-ish right now. And it’s good to be part of a group of friends who totally get it and don’t mind.

  5. I’m sorry you felt so lousy all week, that’s definitely not fun, but I do like that you’ve made peace with this just being part of your life, and you take the proper steps to care for yourself so you can get back to feeling good again. Quiet days and cuddles are a blessing for sure, as are warm things to drink, an easy but delicious supper, and time to read and to think about what you are going to write. Tissues, such a little thing but oh yes, I am thankful! I am old enough to remember my father carrying cloth handkerchiefs, a rather gross part of laundry day! 🙂 Feel better soon! XOXO

    1. And I STILL feel lousy, Josie. Or again…can’t say which. This, too, is typical. I often fight off something and just start to feel better, than take a turn for the worse. And that’s despite all my self-care and home remedies. Stupid immune system.
      My Grandfather carried cloth handkerchiefs all his life. I remember them fondly (even though yes, definitely gross). The thing is, though, that it never occurred to any of us to be grossed out when he whipped one out to dry our tears or offer a place to blow our little noses. God, I miss him.

  6. Good for you Lisa! You posted, Sunday and sick and not feeling like it, you did it.
    I think that is a huge accomplishment.
    Warm drinks, books, bed or couch – if you have to be sick, surround yourself with the basic necessities! Feel better soon!!

    1. Thanks! I’m definitely trying to focus on rest and care and getting well, rather than pushing myself and ignoring it which only makes me worse. I may have done some of that last week, or at least mistakenly thought I was better. But yes, posting felt good and I’m glad I did. Have to pull myself together to get out and vote, sick or not. I’m thankful right now that I’m not so ill that I can’t go do that.

    1. Well…I had a really good start and then this bronchitis took hold and my progress has been…meh. I’m hoping to be back at it with gusto come Monday. That gives me only about half the month to make up the slow progress, but we’ll see. I’m not giving up yet.

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