Sometimes I Feel Like Wonder Woman

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Sometimes I feel like Wonder Woman.

I feel like Wonder Woman because I do battle every day.

You see, I have ADHD. I’ve had it all my life, even though I didn’t know it until I was well into adulthood. As it turns out, my daughter also has ADHD. And my husband. And I’m pretty sure at least one of the three Rotten Cats has it, too.




So we live in the house that ADD built. I say that all the time, half-kidding, but it’s actually a pretty accurate description. Just about everything we do here – the way we live, the food we eat, and so much more – is the result of having a house full of ADHD.

Keeping everybody going is a monumental task. Many days I believe it is my personal responsibility to make sure we do, indeed, keep going and don’t end up a distracted and unproductive mess. Nobody assigned me that position; it’s one I’ve taken upon myself.

Some days it feels like a full time job. I read, I learn, I disseminate information. I draw upon knowledge and experience gained from more than fifteen years teaching in both curricular and non-curricular settings. I plan our diet carefully. I nag my husband about getting enough sleep. I keep our daughter on a strict routine (and truly wish I could manage that for myself and my husband). I attempt to manage cat behavior.

My family reinforces my self-imposed Wonder Woman/ADHD Manager role. They ask me questions about where things go or where someone’s shoes or the flashlight might be found. They expect me to know the answers. My husband’s response to my question, “Why do I have to know all the things?” is usually, “Because you do.”

Do you know how hard it is to keep your head together when you have ADHD? Some days it’s really hard. And then when you have to other people and at least one cat to keep on track? Even harder. Some days I stand in the middle of the kitchen and holler “Why do I have to know where ALL the things are? Why do I have to be the person with the superpowers? Who is going to tell me where MY shoes are? Who is going to keep ME on track?”

And that’s when I remember something: I DO have someone to help out with all the things. Some days I feel like Wonder Woman because I have a great sidekick.




All heroes do, don’t they?  Batman had Robin, Superman had Jimmy Olsen, Han Solo had Chewbacca, and Shaggy had Scooby Doo. And me? I’ve got my husband. He may not know how to put together a meal or where we keep the Tupperware, but he’s the guy who knows what vitamins and meds to put out for everyone in the morning. He’s the guy who handles things like prescription refills and the finances (because good grief I don’t want that job), and remembers to buy more when we run out of coffee.  He’s open and receptive to the remedies and tips and tricks and menus I throw out with my golden lasso to help rein us all in and keep us organized.

And our Kidzilla? (How’s that for a great sidekick name?) She’s pretty awesome herself. This kid fights hard every day to manage who she is and what she has. She’s bright and clever and just absorbs the things we teach her like a little super-powered sponge. She’s got the benefit of knowing how her brain works early and she has the two of us to teach her the superhero way of life. She’s a great little sidekick now and one day she’s going to be a major superhero.

And so every day when I put on my bullet proof bracers and grab my golden lasso, I make sure my sidekicks are also suited up and ready to go.

Heroes need a sidekick to help get the job done. Heroes need a team.

Some days I feel like Wonder Woman because my team helps me keep ADHD from taking over our world.

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Lisa A. Listwa is a self-employed writer with experience in education, publishing, and the martial arts. Believing there was more to life than punching someone else’s time clock and inspired by the words of Henry David Thoreau, she traded her life as a high school educator for a life as a writer and hasn’t looked back. She is mother to one glorious handful of a daughter, wife to the nicest guy on the planet, and reluctant but devoted owner of three Rotten Cats. You can find her adventures and thoughts on living life deliberately here on the blog.

28 thoughts on “Sometimes I Feel Like Wonder Woman

  1. Wow Lisa.
    This is a sweet family post about the three of you and your super powers.

    Love the part about the little super powered sponge.
    Life is a juggling act, as you illustrate so well here.

  2. Fab post.
    Relatable too. My second son has ADHD. I relate to you, as the Mum (Mum with her own issues) of the younger him… and I’m pretty sure he (now 28) would relate to you too. He’s doing well (as are you), but adulting with ADHD IS a challenge. He can vouch for that.
    Interestingly, he is also a HUGE super hero fan… I wonder if there’s a connection 😉

    1. Thank you, Kimmie. Adulting with ADHD is…an interesting challenge. Parenting a kid with ADHD is as well. Marriage to an ADDer is yet another layer. But mix all together? Well, that’s why I’m writing a book!

      And despite all the challenges, I don’t think I’d have it any other way. It offers a very particular dynamic in our home.

      Super heroes are awesome. I like the part of them where the regular person, the alter ego, works with his/her uniqueness to do great things. That’s ADD/ADHD every day, isn’t it?

  3. My brother had ADHD, but didn’t know it till adulthood. It’s tough! As nd you definitely have to be superwoman to manage a house full. Hi m sure it’s chaotic, but your awesome and I’m sure you’ve got it all under control!

    1. The adult diagnosis was like a huge relief, Allie – it is tough, but getting that answer was like FINALLY! An explanation! It just all mad sense. Anyway, we definitely have our chaotic days, but we all work together to make it work. Although, I still content the expectation to know where things are that falls on me is unreasonable. My husband just assumed AGAIN that I knew something about a pair of pants not 20 minutes ago.

  4. Awesome answer to the sentence, Lisa! I love the ending about Kidzilla (and yes, such an awesome superhero name) being a great sidekick today and one day being an amazing superhero herself. And awww, your husband gets out the vitamins and meds for everybody each morning? That’s SO sweet. Glad you linked up again and great job mama!

    1. She continues to amaze me every day, Kristi. She got her blue belt tonight and she nailed her kata demo. Nailed it! Her focus and strength are really improving so much and that is amazing to see. But it’s a day-to-day, you know? She fretted about coloring in the bubbles on her Iowa tests earlier this week, so, yeah…depends on the thing, depends on the day.

  5. I don’t just like this. I LOVE it! There is a little super hero in all of us, and you and your amazing family are a mighty force. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your beautiful world. Kidzilla, by the way, is an AWESOME super hero name. 😉

    1. Heh. She’s always been Kidzilla (well Babyzilla at first) because she’s just SO LOUD! 😀 It stuck. But yes, great name for superhero sidekick. Thank you for your lovely comment and compliments. We are far from perfect, but we work really hard to stay in front of the chaos.

  6. I’m so glad you have your little team around you, and everyone has their place and their roles, and that together you all make it work. That’s awesome. That’s great … I dunno, now I’m gonna invent words… FAMILYING! And WTG all of you 🙂

    I think that’s how life has to work when you live with people – acknowledging your own and each others’ strengths and weaknesses and working around them in ways which make life work best for all of you 🙂

    1. We don’t always get it right, Lizzi, but we always work at it. And you go right ahead and invent any words you like here. 🙂
      But you’re right about that dynamic of living with people – no matter who it is. You have to figure each other out and discover that balance that keeps the household moving in positive ways. I think one thing that helps all three of us is that having the same basic thing going on, we are more apt to understand what the others are experiencing. That’s so helpful.

    1. Life skills, indeed! So important. The one very big thing Zilla has going for her is the fact that the husband and I both have knowledge and experience to pass to her. That was not necessarily the case with either of us as children for various reasons – it was a very different world then. So she’s getting a definite leg up!

  7. You have a great team there, Lisa. I find it challenging enough to run the household, and I don’t have ADHD. I appreciate your honesty and candor -the real superheros are simply human, like you. Awesome humans, of course, but still.

    1. You know, Dana, the super heroes I like the best are the ones without any particular super powers – the ones who are just regular people who have learned to use their gifts and tools for the best possible outcome. Batman, for example. Regular dude with some really cool stuff. I suppose having that whole millionaire thing going on is helpful, of course, but still. 😀

  8. A superhero family! Like The Incredibles.
    My good friend was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, although she suspects she had it for ages. Her son has it too. I commend you and them and everyone else who manages a household. In my case, it’s anxiety, and it certainly has its challenges!

    1. Tamara, she probably has – it’s pretty unusual to develop it as an adult. Chances are she always has, just didn’t know. And if her son has it? Makes sense. There is a heritable element to it. We all have our challenges in running our homes and families – and I know anxiety can be a huge one to deal with. Kudos go to you as well!

  9. Wow, Lisa! It was such a relief to read your post and know I’m not the only one chasing shoes etc. I just managed to pull off my daughter’s birthday party against all odds and I thought you’d have a real laugh.
    I love what you said about Wonder Woman and super heroes having side-kicks. My husband is the true superhero in our household but I was incredibly thankful with the birthday party because the proprietor of the cafe is a great event organiser and really helped make the day! xx Rowena

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