#10Thankful – Are We There Yet?

I am so ready for this school year to be over.

I kind of thought when I left the classroom that I wouldn’t feel so stressed about this time of year.  I figured without final exams, end-of-the-year textbook collections, and the rest of the things teachers have to do in June, I’d have no worries. I was wrong. Know why? My second-grader decided she was done and over it two weeks ago where school is concerned. That’s why. So here I am, Distracto-Mom, trying to get Distracto-Kid to the finish line when, frankly, I’m kind of done and over second grade, too. I feel like the kid in the back seat of the car on a long trip: Are we there yet? But when you’re the one who has to drive and you feel that way? Even worse.


Let’s get on with it already…

I think that’s probably a good sign, though, despite the angst and drama of pushing pulling fighting dragging through this end. We’re ready to move on, get a fresh perspective and a new routine. It’s time to see what’s next.

So let’s talk about all things new and fresh this week, shall we?

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TToT – By the Numbers, Sort Of

Well, it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?

I took an intentional week off for Holy Week and Easter and then all hell broke loose.

It all started with some beautiful spring blooming…and pollen. Allergy season entered our lives in full force.




So here we are, now three weeks, three head colds, one sinus infection, one round of bronchitis, several sick days, one human doctor visit, one overnight vet visit for one Rotten Cat with intestinal issues that included three kitty enemas, and (between people and cats) five prescriptions. Oh, yeah, and one kitty pill popper gizmo because our cat refuses to take his meds.

The cat story alone will give me at least two great blog posts. So silver linings, you know?

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Why My Husband Isn’t Allowed to Go Grocery Shopping

My husband is no longer allowed to do the grocery shopping.

It’s not because he isn’t willing. He never protests when we need a store run. And it’s not because he’s bad at it. In fact, in the two years he spent as the at-home guy, the Hub became very proficient at navigating the grocery store aisles. He knows the store better than I do because he was the designated shopper during our store’s renovations.

The reason he isn’t allowed to shop any more is because of this:


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TToT – Birthdays and Life, Part 2

It’s birthday time again!

Well, it was. Tuesday was my birthday and it was quite possibly the most absurd one I’ve had in a while – maybe ever.

The day started off fine and quite as usual with a Happy Birthday text from Super Sister at 12:01 AM. Always. I love it. I am thankful for that little ping on my phone in the middle of the night every year. Later in the day, I got to see my Mom for a while. It always feels kind of right to spend some time with the person who is responsible for getting you here. I’m thankful for my Mom for so many reasons.

We still have balloons left from Zilla’s birthday celebration a couple of weeks ago. Yay. It’s been kind of birthday central here all month, so that was cool. I can be thankful for decorations that were already in place and make the house feel fun and festive!

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Book Review – Marcia Kester Doyle’s Who Stole My Spandex

Everybody has that friend.

You know the one. The friend you meet for the lunch date that ends at 5:00 PM when your husband calls wondering if you’re stranded in a ditch somewhere. The friend you can talk to about anything, because we all need to bounce those topics off of someone else for comparison’s sake. Just to make sure we’re not completely insane.

Marcia Kester Doyle’s Who Stole My Spandex is a lot like that lunch date. One story rolls seamlessly and hilariously into the next as Doyle shares the ups and downs of middle age and menopause. By the end of the book, Doyle is a lot like that friend with whom you can discuss absolutely anything, including all manner of bodily functions – yours and everyone else’s.

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A Mustache on Monday

I believe in full disclosure.

Translation: I was delighted to fall on the number in the TToT link-up Sarah designated as one to answer these questions because neither of the other two posts I’ve been working on are ready to go this morning.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling seriously behind the eight ball this morning and there’s only enough coffee creamer for one cup this morning. It’s going to be that day.

So here’s a little light reading for your Monday morning until the pace picks up a little tomorrow…

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Finding the Funny at Vikki Claflin’s Laugh Lines

I have finally figured out how to be in two places at one time.

Sort of.

A while ago I submitted a funny story to Vikki Claflin for her “Finding the Funny” serious over at her place, the hilariously accurate Laugh Lines. This afternoon, for the first time in like a week, I scrolled through my blog feed and saw my own face.

Wait, wha–?

Yup, there I was, smiling back at myself from my blog feed. It seems that while I was off chaperoning Kidzilla’s first grade field trip yesterday, I was also sharing a fun story over at Vikki’s place.

Awesome. This new superpower is going to come in very handy…

Join us over at Vikki’s place for a good laugh. It’s a story some of you already know. If it’s your first time, you’ll love it. If you’ve heard it before, I promise it’s the gift that keeps on giving – even I can’t read it without cracking up and I’ve told it a thousand times.

Ready? Click here.

Rotten Cat Wednesday

This is Cat One. When I took this photo, he was howling at me because the laundry basket was in “his” spot at the foot of our bed.20150412_213455[1]

And here he is happy after I removed the offending basket. After the photo, he immediately proceeded to lick himself enthusiastically. Nobody needs to see that.


Here we have Cat Three. He’s helping me clean the kitchen floor. He also hollers at me. He usually does it when he wants me to join him for a nap on our bad. Or in the middle of the night when he thinks I should wake up and play with him. Forget it, bud.

20150413_094626[1]And finally, our littlest cat, Cat Two. I have no idea what he’s doing. Probably just scooting around. He’s kind of bad at being a cat. But at least he doesn’t holler at me.


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