Six Sentence Stories – The Lie, Part 7

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Jack’s mind rocketed back and forth through time grasping at fragments of memory as he lay trapped inside his own pain, half hoping for death. His only escape was to linger in moments when he was happy, when he held Andie close and breathed her deeply as though he could draw her inside of him. The fire in his lungs reminded him of his present; he saw her beside him, head bent in her hands, but remembered her a different way.




He remembered her head resting against him as they listened for hours to a scratched old Meat Loaf album while waves crashed on the beach. Lyrics floated up to his consciousness, replaying the soundtrack of that summer when it seemed they had nothing but time…”time until the end of time…”

And now here they were at what must be the end, but he couldn’t lose her again; heaven can wait, he thought, even if it means being with her here in this hell.



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This has been a Six Sentence Story.

Six Sentence

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This week’s prompt was BACK.

Lisa A. Listwa is a self-employed writer with experience in education, publishing, and the martial arts. Believing there was more to life than punching someone else’s time clock and inspired by the words of Henry David Thoreau, she traded her life as a high school educator for a life as a writer and hasn’t looked back. She is mother to one glorious handful of a daughter, wife to the nicest guy on the planet, and reluctant but devoted owner of three Rotten Cats. You can find her adventures and thoughts on living life deliberately here on the blog.

9 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories – The Lie, Part 7

  1. So happy you are writing more. I can feel Jack at the brink of unconsciousness. This is a good continuation of your previous installments. I’m definitely caught in the moment of the drama you are portraying. BTW, your comment was in Spam, but I released it.

    1. How weird, Val – you landed in my spam, too! I have no idea why my regular friends are landing in there this week. Stupid WordPress. 🙁
      Thanks for the comments on Jack’s story! I love this story and I definitely have more to do with it. I’m really happy to be writing more, too. I think I needed the hiatus to regroup, think about where I’m going. Whatever it is/was, it feels good.

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