I finally have pictures of our trees.

The dearth of visual evidence of spring here hasn’t been for lack of trying. Well, OK, it has been for a little lack of trying. I can’t say I always remember to take my phone or camera with me when I take my walks, but I’m choosing to call that a good thing. Overall, though, it’s been the fault of the trees that have been slow to come to bloom.

But now, at last, they are alive again! And yes, the sky here was exactly that blue today.


As for me, well, I’ve bloomed a bit, too…

I’m thankful that I have found words lately that needed to be said – some in person, some on the page, some in poetry and other offline writing. I’m glad for that. And I’m glad for a little bird or two who told me to go ahead and say what I needed to say. They were both right.

I am thankful for good friends. I am thankful for those who hold me up and encourage me and I am thankful for those who are patient when I get caught up in the stuff of life. I am thankful for quick texts, long chats, and so much more.

I am thankful that right now our Daughter is sleeping quietly, peacefully. She has had a long and rough week. She’s tired. We’re tired. Naps are good. And at the end of a long week, a bath before bedtime is the way to go. In a few minutes, I’ll wrap this up and get into bed myself, pajama-ahhhh moment included.

20150502_112251[1]I am thankful for the end of the A to Z challenge. No, you’re right – I did not participate. And I am really sorry that I did not keep up with the daily posts of all the bloggers I love. Friends, you know I adore you and love to read your words, but this girl could not keep up. So HUZZAH to all of you who made it through, or even made it some of the way through, and I’m so glad it’s over because I miss you people in the regular routine of things!

I am thankful for Rotten Cats who help around the house. If nothing else, I am entertained. Perhaps they will make an appearance on the blog later this week.

I am thankful for a menu plan and home cooked meals, for enough food to eat when so many have none. I am thankful for long drinks of water, for clean water when so many have only dirty water to drink. I am thankful for Zilla’s beautiful heart and generous spirit. She has amazed me many times this week alone with her desire to give to other, to care for others. I hope and pray that continues to flourish in her.


I am thankful that the Hub and I are still able to function and work together despite a week of disagreement and irritated bickering. At the end of the day, our branches may blow and bend in the wind, but the trunk is sturdy.

I have found progress along my life’s path…new things to try, a little bit of work both practical and creative, new books to read, opportunities to explore, and realizations to embrace. I have found growth.


The answers to our questions and concerns about life are revealed. Slowly, perhaps, and in small ways. But eventually, things happen to make it very clear that you’re on the right path, that you’ve made the right choices, that you surround yourself with the right people. And the rest?

It ceases to matter.


It becomes part of the growth process. Eventually these little buds and blooms will fall away and the strong green leaves of summer will replace them on the tree.

As it should be.




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Lisa A. Listwa is a self-employed writer with experience in education, publishing, and the martial arts. Believing there was more to life than punching someone else’s time clock and inspired by the words of Henry David Thoreau, she traded her life as a high school educator for a life as a writer and hasn’t looked back. She is mother to one glorious handful of a daughter, wife to the nicest guy on the planet, and reluctant but devoted owner of three Rotten Cats. You can find her adventures and thoughts on living life deliberately here on the blog.

30 thoughts on “TToT – The Blooming

  1. Thank you for the love and inspiration written in your post. It was beautiful. AND – tell me how you get a video from your phone right into your blog. Does it have something to do with HTML?

    1. Thank you for your lovely words, Val. I put the video in from my laptop – copy the YouTube URL and drop it right in the body of the post draft. There’s a little plug in button to use, but I don’t usually need it. WP usually reads the URL and puts the video in. I suspect it would work similarly from a phone, but I try to avoid blog work on my phone – my eyes are too bad for that! 😀

  2. I love that song. Your blooming trees are absolutely beautiful. Pretty pink tulips as well…ours have all run their course in these parts and I’m impatiently waiting for our Iris and Peonies to pick up the pace. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. The more I listen to Sara Bareillis the more I like her. And that live version in the video is spectacular. I love an artist in a more intimate setting like that.
      Our trees are awesome and in a day or two the buds will burst and be in full-on splendor.
      Have a great week, too, Jean!

  3. The blossoms are breathtakingly beautiful.

    I like the words “progress” and “growth” , which are hopeful and encouraging.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Aren’t they gorgeous, Romi? I love when the trees bloom, especially the pink ones. My allergies don’t agree, but they are beautiful to see!
      Progress and growth are very good words – ones I try to keep in mind. Have a wonderful week, too!

  4. Such contentment and peace here. I hope I have been one of the patient friends with the quick texts. I have been terribly grumpy today after a whirlwind weekend of multiple social events, and I am in bed with the fan on (I need a breeze) and feeling that bedtime is approaching.

    1. You absolutely are. And I thank you for being OK with silence.
      I have been grumpy, too! The weather shifted suddenly and my body does NOT like that. It actually was a beautiful day, but inside the house it got so hot we decided to switch the air system over to cool for summer. Of course it takes HOURS to figure itself out, so it finally came on at like 8PM. So all the bedrooms are hot and Zilla can’t sleep and I really just want the nighttime to happen, you know?
      I think I’m going to hit bed early. I want to make my TToT rounds, but I may just need to do it in the morning. Hope your fan and bed help ease your mood!

  5. Beautiful. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of speaking up, too. You are right, it is wonderful to recognize that you’re on the right path.

    1. It’s reassuring, if nothing else, Kristi. Keeping things inside that really should be let go ends up causing so much more trouble, I think. But sometimes we need to mull things over a bit before the right words and right moment come.
      Have a great week, Kristi!

  6. This was a beautiful post, Lisa! You write so well.
    Love the flowering trees! Our trees that flower have flowered and leafed out and now look like summer. Which is better than looking like winter, but I wish that flowery season lasted a wee bit longer.
    Here’s to a good week for Zilla, and for you, too 🙂

    1. I could reach right through the screen and hug you hard, Dyanne. Can’t tell you how great it feels to see/hear people compliment the writing I’ve been doing. It’s good for the confidence.
      The flowery part is always too brief, isn’t it? Like Frost says, nothing gold can stay…too bad.
      Thanks – and have a great week, too!

  7. finally! (the trees showing signs of summer, that is…) Enjoyed your post…growth and change can be difficult but so worth it when the path becomes clear(er) as it does… sometimes immediately and sometimes only after being rear to give up.
    and being out of this Winter past is not a bad thing, either!

    1. All true, Clark. I am SO glad to be out of the winter. This has been a crappy one. The only thing I am not enjoying about spring at the moment is the beautiful blooms on the trees are making my allergies go crazy. This is possibly what’s making my RA go crazy. And it’s driving ME crazy! Those blooms can turn to leaves any time now…
      And yes, sometimes the path is long and difficult but the rewards can be so wonderful. I do hold with Captain John Smith’s claim that everything of value is fraught with difficulty. Makes us value the results more.

  8. I remember last year, I also said I was thankful for the end of A-Z. I didn’t participate, and I still couldn’t keep up with all of the reading of everyone who did do it.

    Glad you finally got some photos of the trees. They are so pretty.

    Sorry to hear Zilla had a rough week. Hopefully this one will be better.

    Grow, Lisa, Grow! 🙂 It’s something we should all strive to do continuously.

    1. Thank you, Christine. When I was younger, I imagined myself being “done” by this point in my life. I am both horrified and delighted to find that’s not even close to true. 😀
      The trees are gorgeous – even better today – but really killing my allergies.

  9. A bloomingly lovely post, Lisa.
    I, too, am thankful the A to Z challenge is done. And no, I didn’t play along either. It was a challenge for me to pull together an A, B or C post – the concept of doing all 26 was beyond me. As was the challenge of keeping up.
    In my part of the world we are moving out of blossoms into the world of 50 shades of green. My son is back home. His first comment went he woke up to sunshine?
    “Everything is soooo green and fresh here.”

  10. I am so thankful for the re-birth of spring. I’ve been feeling kinda blah all winter and I’m finally coming out of that funk with the sunshine and warm weather I’ve been able to enjoy!
    Your trees look beautiful!

    1. The trees are gorgeous, indeed, Rabia. So many people I know have felt just blah this winter. There is really so much beauty to that season, but sometimes it is really difficult to find it! Happy spring!

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